Naturopathic Clinics In Waterloo Region

Naturopathic Clinics In Waterloo Region

Your guide to Naturopathic Clinics in Waterloo Region

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Belmont Natural Health Centre

Naturopathic Clinics In Waterloo Region

The Belmont Natural Health Centre Team is here to effectively apply the skills, knowledge and principles of complementary healthcare toward the betterment of individual and community well being. With a clinical focus on pediatric and family wellness, we will provide expert medical and therapeutic guidance built upon caring and committed relationships.

Contact Belmont Natural Health Centre

690 Belmont Avenue West, Suite 201

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-578-7489

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Mahaya Cambridge Integrated Health

Naturopathic Clinics In Waterloo Region

At Mahaya Cambridge, we believe every person can optimize their health and wellbeing given the correct tools and guidance are provided.  Everyone is unique, responding to stressors and environment in their own way.  We strive to help you identify and eradicate the body's root cause for what ails you so you can get on with life.

Contact Mahaya Cambridge Integrated Health

55 Ainslie Street North

Cambridge, ON

Phone: 519-267-4885

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What is naturopathic medicine

HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre

At HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre, we use a wide variety of advanced therapies and assessments with a high level of expertise in order to provide health solutions that will work for you and your lifestyle.

Contact HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre

227 Dumfries Avenue

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-954-7950

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Dr. Colin O'Brien, Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on digestive health, mood disorders (anxiety & depression), hormone balancing, improving energy and overall wellbeing!

Contact Dr. Colin O'Brien, Naturopathic Doctor

570 University Avenue East

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-880-1733

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Robin Walsh, ND: Naturopathic Doctor

Robin Walsh is a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist who has been inspiring thousands of people over the past decade to optimize their health through lifestyle changes.

Contact Robin Walsh, ND: Naturopathic Doctor

168 Lexington Ct

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-772-0292


Sprout Wellness Clinic

We offer realistic, sustainable treatment plans that meet the needs of our individual patients under one roof! Check us out and Sprout Wellness in your life.

Contact Sprout Wellness Clinic

526 Frederick St,

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-579-3456

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The Natural Way Health Clinic

The Natural Way Health Clinic is an integrative Naturopathic Clinic. Integrative medicine is defined as the combination of mainstream medical therapies, and the alternative therapies for which there is high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. Our focus is to offer safe, effective, and affordable treatment options. We strive to work as a team amongst our practitioners to achieve the common goal of an evidence based, unified, and complete health care approach.

Contact The Natural Way Health Clinic

131 Union St E

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-772-2116

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Vibrant Living

Vibrant Living Naturopathic and Wellness Center gives you the tools and resources to create a vibrant quality of life!

Contact Vibrant Living

168 Lexington Ct,

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-772-0292

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