Laser Eye Surgery - Is it Right for You

Laser Eye Surgery - Is it Right for You

Many people who wear glasses or contact lenses wonder if laser eye surgery would be a solution for them.

About half of the population require some form of vision correction. Today there are multiple options available to correct many of these conditions. If you require optical correction of your vision, glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery are the three main options available to achieve clearer vision. Many people who tire of wearing glasses or contact lenses, wonder if laser eye surgery would be a solution for them.

How does it work? LASIK vs PRK

Laser eye surgery has been available for over 20 years, and the technology used continues to improve. There are different procedures available, and the best option for you will be discussed with your doctor.

LASIK involves gently lifting a flap of the cornea, and then reshaping the inner layers of the cornea with a laser. The computer-controlled surgical laser carefully reshapes the layers of the cornea to repair imperfections in curvature that lead to blurred vision. The corneal flap is then put back in place and heals over the reshaped part of the cornea.

PRK does not involve creating a flap in the corneal tissue. Instead, the outer layer of the cornea is removed and the cornea is reshaped with the laser. This option may be better for people with certain conditions, including thinner corneas or chronic dry eye.

The most significant differences between LASIK and PRK for the patient are the initial discomfort and the speed of recovery. Recovery from PRK is longer than from LASIK because the removed outer layer of the cornea needs time to heal.

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Eye Examination

Are you a good candidate for laser surgery?

In order to determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction, a full eye exam and consultation with your optometrist is recommended. This will also involve discussing the surgical options which suit you best. A referral can then be made to an appropriate laser vision correction centre.

Waterloo Eye Care Centre provides pre-operative and post-operative care for patients undergoing laser eye surgery. Please contact us to learn more or book an appointment. You can also click on the photo below to book online.

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