Importance of Overnight Care

Importance of Overnight Care

Having someone there to deal with issues that may arise overnight, or just to provide companionship and support can make a huge difference.

Overnight care can be extremely beneficial for seniors for a variety of reasons. Everyone knows about the importance of a good night sleep for health and to have energy to carry out daily tasks and activities.

However, an uninterrupted night of sleep can become more difficult to achieve with age.

A significant number of older adults report difficulty falling asleep, and problems staying asleep once they have finally nodded off.

Regular sleep disturbance can be a very concerning issue for seniors without the right assistance. It can shatter confidence and feelings of independence.

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58% of adult children as primary caregivers report problems with sleep

Overnight Care for Seniors

Overnight care can help bring peace of mind to the elderly and their families. Having someone there to deal with issues that may arise overnight, or just to provide companionship and support can make a huge difference.

Benefits of Overnight Care

There are several overnight care services available for seniors and their families.

Overnight caregivers can assist with things like:

  • Falls and fall prevention
  • Respite care

Falls and Fall Prevention

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One in five falls causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or head injury.

Falls in the home are always a concern for seniors, being the most common cause of injury for older adults.

Seniors that need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get a drink of water may not be in the most alert state, making an accident more likely.

Without anyone around to help, the fear of falling can be magnified and if a fall does occur there will be no immediate assistance.

Overnight caregivers can help make the home safer for fall prevention, and will be ready to assist with any late night trips to the bathroom.

Personal Care

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Thousands of injuries occur in bathroom each year

It is common for most people to get up to go to the bathroom at least once during the night. This becomes more frequent with age.

Overnight caregivers will be there to assist your loved one with any bathroom or toileting needs during the night to reduce stress and potential injury.


Seniors with dementia may experience exaggerated or intensified symptoms at night. This is referred to as sundowning.

Sundowning is a symptom of dementia that causes sufferers to become more agitated or confused after the sun goes down. This can lead to problematic sleep issues like wandering at night or waking up disoriented.

Overnight caregivers can help prevent wandering and provide late night companionship for those that can’t sleep.

Companion Care

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An overnight companion can provide you with the reassurance.

Seniors that are experiencing trouble sleeping at night can really benefit from having a late-night companion to talk to.

Family caregivers are unlikely to be able to offer this comfort as most have full time jobs and need a full night’s sleep.

Respite Care

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Take time for you! If you are assisting a loved one, you know that your health can be overwhelmed without a good nights rest.

Respite care is offered to provide relief, or a break, for regular caregivers.

Family caregivers can’t do it all alone, especially if care is required both during the day and at night.

Overnight caregivers can provide respite care at night for family caregivers that are assisting a loved one throughout the day.

This helps prevent caregiver burnout, and provides some variety in care for your loved one.

Promyse Home Care

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Promyse Home Care

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