I’m scared of leaving the house with my newborn baby…

I’m scared of leaving the house with my newborn baby…

Moms, you're not alone in feeling scared to leave the house with your new baby.

There are many common concerns for new moms when it comes to leaving the house with their newborn baby for the first times;  germs, fear of baby crying, not knowing how to put baby in and out of the car seat, wondering if you should carry him or leave him in the car seat, or put him in the stroller. Or how about if she wants to feed in the middle of the store?!

When you're taking your newborn out for the first few times, there are some things that should be taken into consideration.

Small trips

Don't plan too much on your first few times out with elaborate shopping trips. Start small and get all the items you need in one place like the shopping centre. This will make you feel proud and good about yourself when you get back home with your little bundle.

Babies cry

When I became a parent, all my anxieties were focused on how other people would react if my baby cried. Turns out they didn't even notice! My kids aren’t babies anymore and let me tell you: Your child will cry; you will know what to do, it'll be okay.


Baby crying


Pack snacks for yourself

Having a long day can often leave us feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, this is because our blood sugar level drops and the stress just get worse! Pack something to nibble on in case you find yourself facing these feelings of intense anxiety or pressure.

Learn to use your stroller

Practice at home a few times to make sure you know how to fold and unfold your stroller, and practice putting it in the car a few times. There's nothing worse than trying to figure it out when baby starts crying and you’re sweating buckets trying to shove it into the trunk of the car.

Ask a friend to join you

Confidence is something we all naturally feel more of when around a friend. If your spouse is at work, try asking a friend to help you for the first few times out with baby, it will release some of that anxiety.

You’ve got this!!!

Article written by Vicky Knowler


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I’m scared of leaving the house with my newborn baby… I’m scared of leaving the house with my newborn baby…