How to Take Beautiful DIY Baby Photography with a Smartphone

How to Take Beautiful DIY  Baby Photography  with a Smartphone

You love your baby, and you will take many photos that you will want to cherish forever.

Let me tell you how I have successfully captured moments for my clients. No need to be an expert at photography to create beautiful photos at home with your smartphone. Just follow these simple tips:

#1. Clean your lens

I know it may sound simple, but we forget that this will make all the difference between a dull image and a sharp and crisp image!

• Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth, or a lens cloth

• If material is still present, use a soft, lint-free cloth with warm soapy water

• Avoid getting moisture in openings

#2. Keep it simple

You want to focus on baby only. That’s the most important. Unless you have the proper equipment and props to enhance the image (like the pros do), just keep it simple. Use a white background like a white wall, a white rug or blanket. Avoid using large toys, stuffed animals, and other large props. Add some simple colour if you wish.

Baby on simple white backdrop

Baby on simple white backdrop

#3. Use natural light

We tend to turn on the lights when taking photos, but that will only make your photos yellow. Turn off the lights and get close to a window, but avoiding direct sunlight however.

#4. Position your baby in the right angle to the light source

The light direction can make are break your image. You wouldn't take a photo of yourself with a flashlight under your chin, right? It’s the same logic with taking photos of babies when they are laying down. Ideally, you want your baby parallel to the window.

Light angle for photos

#5. Focus and adjust brightness

To give you a sharp image, you want to focus on baby’s eyes or face. Tap on the screen to lock the focus. Then, you can keep your finger on the screen to adjust the brightness by moving your finger up or down, or side to side depending on your phone.

Brightness and focus

#6. Shoot straight from above

Avoid shooting up your baby’s nostrils. Take the photo directly from above for a more flattering photo. This photography rule might be one of the most important that you will ever learn, and it goes for babies as well.

Shoot straight from above

I hope I’ve helped you with these tips, and that they will help you take your baby photos to the next level. Now go out there and capture those beautiful moments! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Article written by

Vicky Knowler

Owner of My Baby Photographer Design app