How taking photos of your child can make you more present and aware

How taking photos of your child can make you more present and aware

You're busy. You can't be present in the moment with your child when you're too busy doing everything else, right?

I know what you mean - it's hard for parents to always have their attention on one thing at a time! But taking some time to photograph our children helps us feel more present, more grounded and appreciate the small things.

You don’t have to be an expert photographer by any means; sometimes things just don’t turn out how we imagined or wanted them to (which is life)! However, it takes away all of those distractions you might have in your life and forces you to focus on just one thing: Your child. For me, it also reminds me that every day is precious, and we should always stop and take a moment to appreciate the small things.

Here are some photography projects that you might want to try!

14 day challenges

Take a photo every day for 14 days at the same period when you are home.

Child drawing


• What is she doing? Is she colouring? What is she colouring and what expression does she have on her face at that moment? Is she biting her upper lip? Is she smiling?

• When she has completed the drawing, does she run up to you to show you how proud she is?

• Is she running up to you because you are the most important person in her life?

• What is the expression in her eyes at that moment?

Dinner table challenge

Take a photo at the dinner table before dinner every night for a month when your child is sitting in his chair.

Child eating


• Have your child say one thing he is happy for or one thing he loved today.

• Ask your child make a silly face.

• Ask you child to show how much he likes the dinner in front of him with his eyes only.

Treasure hunt challenge

Once a week, challenge both you and your child to go find a treasure in the park.

Girl with leaves


• A special rock, a feather, a magical leaf, or a branch that looks like a sword! Use your imagination!

• What expression do you see in her eyes once she finds this precious treasure?

• Take a picture of your child with the treasure.

Baby toes challenge

Once a week for a year, take a photo of your baby’s feet

Baby feet


• While lying in bed with your baby and singing her a song, hold her feet with one hand and take a photo with the other hand.

• Keeping the same angle, take the same photo every week.

Remember, it’s not about getting the perfect shot or the beautiful smile. It's about what you get out of your time with that little human and how much joy you can share together in just one moment! It’s about slowing down just enough for us all to be more present and help make memories last longer. No matter where life takes us, these photos will always find themselves wrapped around our hearts because they were made from love shared during these precious times.

Vicky Knowler

My Baby Photographer Design