How can I do more for animals? Volunteer! Donate!

How can I do more for animals? Volunteer! Donate!

Do you love animals? What better way to express your love than to volunteer to help rescue animals in need.

Rescue Dogs Match is a 100% volunteer run not-for-profit. This means that the rescue relies on volunteers and donations to run. There are many areas to which volunteers are needed. Below is a small list of areas and careers where volunteer help is always appreciated!

• Walking dogs

• Fostering: temp or long term

• Baking

• Fund raising: ideas/planning/helping on day of event

• Transporting: animals/supplies

• Asking for donations: booth at stores/events

• Reference caller

• Reviewing applications

• Managing emails

• Managing social media sites: posting available dogs

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Areas of expertise:

• Construction

• Accounting

• Marketing

• Advertising

• Knitting/Sewing/Quilting (Make: sweaters/jackets/bandanas/blankets/toys/etc.)

• Law

• Dog trainer (certified)

• Veterinarian/Vet Tech

• Photographer

• Videographer

• Chef/Baker

Visit the link below for more ideas/areas to help and/or for a volunteer application.

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Everything in rescue is donated. This includes everyday office supplies: pens, paper, photo paper, ink, etc. to everything a dog would need to live and be happy including: food, treats, bowls, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, etc. The rescue often incurs huge veterinarian cost due to spay/neuter, vaccinations, major surgeries and everything in between. This is where majority of donations end up going towards. If not enough foster homes are available a rescue would also incur kennel bills which are usually $20/day per dog. If a dog needs training beyond the basic the rescue pays for this and often doesn't receive a discount.

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Donations mean the world to us.  If you're interested in making one, please visit us here.