First Aid fur your Best Friend

  First Aid fur your Best Friend

Are you prepared for a pet emergency?

By Anne Ramsoomair

Pets are part of the family

Our dogs or cats are more to us than just a pet; they are members of our family that rely on us to take care of them while giving back so much unconditional love.

My animals are my life and so I teach this course too.

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Pet First Aid Instructor Anne Ramsoomair

PET FIRST AID is what you do between home and the vet

The St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid course provides the knowledge and skills needed to respond safely and efficiently if your pet gets sick or injured. You can't call 911. What happens between home and the vet could save your pet’s life.

Learn CPR, choking, and how to handle an injured pet

You will learn and practice resuscitation techniques like CPR and choking on a  dog and cat manikin. Want to know how to take the dog’s pulse and measure different levels of consciousness? You will also need Vaseline to use a thermometer because guess where it goes? You will be taught how to  safely handle and bandage an injured pet too…and yes muzzling if necessary.

We use dog manikins as well as rescues…from yard sales…and my experience as a First Aid instructor using my own therapy dog in demonstrations.

Prevention is key

Learn how to spot the signs as well as prevent (PLEASE!) hypothermia, heatstroke and frostbite and how to handle seizures or convulsions. We will walk you through spinal, bone and joint injuries and how to safely transport your pet including improvising back boards and splints.

Would you know how to tend to your pets if they were suffering from thermal, chemical or electrical burns?

What is okay for us may be poisonous to your pet. So most importantly, too, you will learn how to prevent your pet from becoming seriously sick or injured by pet-proofing your home.

Pet First Aid gives you knowledge, judgement and skills

Pet First Aid provides the participant with the knowledge, judgment and skills needed to respond safely and effectively in an emergency but in a room with other dog and cat lovers so it’s warm and fuzzy too. It will be time well spent learning how to keep your pet safe and healthy.

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All St. John Ambulance courses are Tax Free. Please call today to register - 519-579-6285 or online

In addition to teaching Pet First Aid, Anne Ramsoomair coordinates the Therapy Dog program and visits seniors, students and patients with her own Therapy dog. She is also an experienced  First Aid Instructor and a Medical First Responder with St. John Ambulance,  Kitchener-Waterloo Branch.