Do You Need A Cleanse?

Do You Need A Cleanse?

If you can say yes to 3 or more of the following....You might need a cleanse.

I might need a cleanse checklist?

Do You Need A Cleanse?

1. Are you dragging your feet?

If you have low energy, you might benefit from a clean eating program for a few days. High sugars and fats might have taken their toll.

Do You Need A Cleanse?

2. Are you feeling blue?

Sometimes, the feeling of sadness may be a result of alcohol and a pure health goodness can pick you up.

Do You Need A Cleanse?

3. Food and Drink Overload?

Let's face it. Sometimes when we over indulge, it might feel good at the time, but that bloated feeling is not the greatest.

Do You Need A Cleanse?

4. Are You Having Difficulty Sleeping?

Tossing and turning can totally be a function of poor food choices.

Do You Need A Cleanse?

5. Do you have brain fog?

We are what we eat. And if we eat dirty, so might be our minds. A cleanse can clean your head too

Do You Need A Cleanse?


So...What's the verdict?

If 3 or more of these are on your list? Maybe a cleanse can do you good!

Bodhi Bar Offers Cleanse Packages Delivered to your door!

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Bodhi Bar's 3, 5 and 7-day cleanse packages help to "reset' your body, giving your digestive system a break, detoxifying the liver and delivers a plethora of other health benefits.

Even a 3-day cleanse can help get rid of cravings (addictions) to unhealthy food and beverages. Lose weight, feel great and jump start your healthy lifestyle! Delivered to your doorstep for ultimate convenience.

Now delivering from the GTA through to the Niagara Region!

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