Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

This Powerful Essential Oil is a Germ Destroyer!

Picture this…

You’ve just spent several weeks sailing southward on the open seas from England when you finally spot new land somewhere in the South Pacific. As you set down amidst striking white cliffs surrounded by emerald blue waters, you’re greeted by friendly locals who take you along the coastline to see the area’s many breathtaking sights. During this trek you spot something particularly interesting: tall, wispy trees with sticky, aromatic leaves that you’re told possess miraculous healing qualities.

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Tea Tree

Intrigued by this, you decide to boil these leaves into a tea for your worn-out crew to see if there’s any merit to the hype. Lo and behold, just a few minutes later you feel cleansed, soothed and rejuvenated. You decide to honor this tree from which these amazing leaves were plucked by suitably naming it a “tea tree.” The rest, as they say, is history and the start of the world’s love affair with the “tea tree” and its tea tree oil benefits.

This curious little story might sound like some kind of fantasy fiction, but it reportedly happened back in 1770. The main character was Captain James Cook. The man who, besides the aborigines in Australia where he landed; is said to be the first to discover the allure of the tea tree. He’s also said to have named the tree as such, although its official scientific name is Melaleuca Alternifolia. And since the time of Captain Cook, the oil of tea tree (melaleuca oil) has lived on as one of the world’s most prized botanical therapeutics, for the reasons you’re about to discover.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits: From Antiquity to Modernity

Some of the earliest historical accounts of indigenous Australian people groups suggest that tea tree leaves were commonly used in poultices to treat wounds and prevent infections. This tradition was carried forward as science uncovered tea tree oil’s incredible antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

The earliest official recognition of tea tree oil as a botanical medicine occurred in the 1920s when it was described in the scientific literature as being a powerful germicide when used topically. During World War II, Australian soldiers used tea tree oil as a go-to antiseptic remedy in their first aid kits.

More recently in 2007, the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA), an agency of the Australian government, published a comprehensive dossier outlining a plethora of more recent science backing tea tree oil’s many therapeutic uses and of numerous human clinical trials showing tea tree oil benefits

How People are Using Tea Tree Oil Today

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Tea Tree Uses

The scientific research into tea tree oil’s many potential benefits is impressive and ongoing. These include moisturizers, body lotions, shampoos and conditioners, toothpastes, hand washes, face-cleansing washes, soaps, foot sprays, foot powders, shaving products, post-waxing treatments, and deodorants.

Pure tea tree oil is a popular choice for people who choose to make their own care and cleaning products at home without harsh chemicals in the following ways:

  • Apply to bandages and gauze strips to support rapid wound healing without infection.
  • Mix with carrier oils like coconut, jojoba, olive, argon and apply it directly to itchy or inflamed skin since studies show that it helps to minimize histamine reactions.
  • For acne, tea tree oil is often a preferable alternative to benzyl peroxide without causing harmful side effects
  • Mix with laundry detergents, dishwasher soaps, home cleaning products for an added antimicrobial boost.
  • Hospitals use tea tree to sanitize surfaces that may be lurking with MRSA or other dangerous “superbugs” like “golden staph” that could harm patients.

Diffusing Tea Tree as aromatherapy supports the immune and respiratory systems.

A 2004 study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, demonstrates how tea tree oil has the potential to help mitigate the growing problem of antibiotic resistance that’s sweeping the globe.

Diffusing Tea tree oil can:

  • Purify the air you breathe inside your home or workplace.
  • Kill molds and other harmful pathogens in furniture or other surfaces.
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Diffusing Essential Oils

Perhaps the only way you don’t want to use tea tree oil is orally, despite Captain Cook’s brewing of it as a tea. Exceptions are things like toothpastes, mouthwashes, and flavored toothpicks, none of which involve swallowing significant amounts of it.

When using any essential oils, it is always best to consult with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner who can advise on the appropriate uses for your particular health concerns.


The Ten Top Healing Benefits of Tea Tree (from Truth about Cancer Site)

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