Fun Healthy Facts About Vegetables

Fun Healthy Facts About Vegetables

Learn about the fun healthy facts about Vegetables & the health benefits they provide

Fun Healthy Facts About Vegetables

Learn about the fun healthy facts about Vegetables & the health benefits they provide

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Vegetables are a set of cultivated plants in gardens or irrigation generally, consumed as food, either raw or cooked culinary form, and includes green vegetables and legumes (beans and peas). Vegetables do not include fruits and cereals.

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Vegetables like other plant foods contain a high level of hydration, between 80% and 90% of its total weight, most do not contain significant levels of fat and the presence of protein and carbohydrates is very low.

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The dry matter consists of vegetables a percentage of carbohydrates from 3 to 20%, nitrogen compounds between 1 and 5%, crude fiber present between 0.6 and 2.5%, minerals 0.5 to 1.5 % and a percentage of lipids between 0.1 and 0.9%. compounds present as organic acids, phenols, aromatic substances and pigments are also found although its composition is very low.

The caloric intake of vegetables is about 50kCal per 100g edible portion.

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For example see a list below of vegetables and the health benefits they provide:


Artichoke green vegetable healthy vegetable

Artichoke also called alcaucil contains silymarin, an antioxidant that helps prevent skin cancer, plus fiber to help control cholesterol. One medium artichoke has 60 calories, 0 % fat and 7 grams of fiber. It is used to treat anemia, diabetes, constipation, gallbladder stones, gout or rheumatism based artichokes (or juice resulting from the cooking of its leaves). Besides being digestive, this vegetable is highly diuretic and rich in minerals. It is also known effect against fatty live


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Broccoli has a high content of vitamin C, vitamin E and soluble dietary fiber. One study found that decreases the risk of lung cancer. It is a very healthy to treat respiratory problems type; have benefits for the heart and stomach cancer vegetable. Broccoli is hypertriglyceridemia advised against because it helps to reduce triglycerides.

The Spinach

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The Spinach has lutein and zeaxanthin; two carotenoids that help prevent macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in the elderly. In addition, studies show that this plant can help reverse some of the signs of aging. One cup has 7 calories, 0 fats and 0% 1 gram of fiber. It has laxative properties. Not only works to prevent or relieve constipation but also intervenes in the reduction of cholesterolemia and in the speed of passage of blood sugars, by making them beneficial if heart disease and diabetes.

The Pumpkin

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The pumpkin has huge amounts of vitamin C and beta - carotene, which may help protect against endometrial cancer. A cooked cup has 80 calories, 1 gram of fat and 6 grams of fiber. For its high content of vitamin A they are attributed beneficial effects on vision. It provides minerals such as potassium, iron, cobalt, boron, zinc and calcium. 90 % of its content is water, so it is very diuretic, but also cleansing and digestive. Its seeds are used for inflammation of the prostate.

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Vegetables are vegetables whose predominant color is green due to the presence of a pigment containing all plants and part of essential for life process by which plants convert sunlight into oxygen, called "chlorophyll" meaning; "Green leaf". The word "chlorophyll" comes from the Greek "khloros" which means light green and "Phylon" which translates as a sheet, was discovered by two French chemists in 1817.

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Chlorophyll is essential for life on the planet. It’s amazing properties also make it an essential nutrient for our health, because its molecular composition is very similar to that of blood. The greener it is the vegetable, more chlorophyll content will.

Foods Rich In Chlorophyll


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lettuce green vegetable romaine lettuce green leaf lettuce salad


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Green Cabbage

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Arugula green vegetable Arugula salad


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