Fun Event Ideas for Your Office Holiday Party

Fun Event Ideas for Your Office Holiday Party

Holiday office parties are a great way to let your employees, and yourself, unwind from the stresses of work and create a happy, healthy, work environment.

The office Christmas party is a way to thank staff for their awesome work throughout the year. You’re trying to make the whole team feel appreciated and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate and engage this holiday season.

Potluck Lunch

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Employees may enjoy celebrating the holiday season with a potluck lunch at work. If you don't do these too often, and you alternate them with company-supplied, catered feasts, employees enjoy showing off their culinary skills. Post a sign-up list so employees bring a variety of foods to share.

A potluck lunch is a festive occasion, especially when you combine the potluck with any of these other alternatives to the office party.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

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Christmas Sweaters

You know those Christmas sweaters, featuring a felt Santa with a fluffy wool beard and reindeer - the ones your Grandma buys you every year and you throw into your closet as soon as Christmas is over. Well, dig them out, and host a Christmas party themed - Embrace the Ugly

Everyone must find a Christmas sweater to wear to the party. Those who don’t show up with a sweater will be given one of the spare sweaters you have on hand, and a pair of reindeer ears or some other kind of embarrassing prop for good measure. Decorate the room with bright and fun decorations and offer a reward for the most impressive sweater.

Nightmare Before Christmas

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Nightmare before Christmas

Give your Christmas party a Tim Burton theme (Burton is an American filmmaker and animator known for his eccentric fantasy films such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands). Make use of leftover decorations from Halloween. Dress up the room with black and white tinsel, skulls and skeletons in Santa hats, and decorate balloons to look like the iconic Jack Skellington.

Fill the playlist with songs from Tim Burton’s films, and Halloween classics like ‘The Monster Mash’ and 'Superstitious' (a great switch from Christmas carols for the evening!) Food should be of the authentic English variety: roast meats, mini-Yorkshire puddings bangers and mash, custard … all the classic comfort foods.

For games you can buy a bunch of inexpensive Christmas baubles, glitter pens, paints, ribbons and other crafts, and get guests to decorate their own baubles. They could do a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, or whatever their heart desires. You could use the baubles to decorate the office tree, and then everyone could take theirs home for their own tree.

Enjoy the holiday festivities at the office and get everyone feeling good about the season in what ever way feels good and affordable. It really is all about getting together and being healthy and happy.