What is Coaching and Is It For You?

What is Coaching and Is It For You?

Although the term may be the current buzzword but do you really have an understanding of what coaches do? You may be surprised. Find out more here.

We always want something different it seems. A new car, a new job, to win the lottery, to have children that excel in school – the list is unlimited. However, not many of us are not willing to work at something long and hard. We want it to be easy. Accomplishing our life’s goals or dreams or wanting to be happier requires effort. ‘Nothing good comes easy’, so I hear.

For me, I’ve always had a coach of one type or another by my side. It’s not that I’m unmotivated to achieve the goals, but the support has been invaluable. A business coach, a spiritual coach, a life purpose coach and more lately, a transformational coach are some of the ones that I have chosen on my journey. The times in my life where I was ‘winging it alone’ were the times that I felt I was going in circles – circles in my head and circles in my life’s direction. You know, just like the hamster on his little wheel; pedaling fast but going nowhere.

A few times I have used a therapist or a counselor when coaching wasn’t even heard of as a profession. This approach didn’t allow me to necessarily think for myself or choose the direction of my journey. There were too many judgments, suggestions and opinions that didn’t allow me to ‘feel’ what was right for me. You know, that gut feeling we all have but ignore.

counseling vs coaching

We all know what is good for us. Sometimes you can go through periods in life, short or long, where you question everything, and nothing seems to be going where you want it to go. I’ve found these times were from a lack of clarity, within myself. The answers I know were inside of me, but I couldn’t hear them for the lack of peace, harmony and faith.

Sometimes the answers become clear in one session! Sometimes it takes longer but there is always the greatest sense of inspiration when you work with someone that has no agenda but to see YOU succeed!

You know you are capable. You know you can do anything. Nothing is hard but that which is in our minds. If you want life altering changes, book a session with a coach – go along your journey with passion not a resignation that this all you can do and be. You are better than this!

Life Coaching is profoundly more empowering than consulting, mentoring, therapy, or counseling. According to Tony Robbins, Author, Entrepreneur and Life Coach, he describes what makes a great a Life Coach:

“The ability to lead — to make things happen, maximize resources and inspire. It’s the extraordinary quality that solves problems and helps the individual come to a new level understanding of what is possible. And it’s the skill and talent to influence and guide others to make real breakthroughs and create lasting change.

Great coaches see things as they are, not worse than they are. They have a firm grasp on reality and are honest with themselves about where they stand. Unlike most people, however, they do not dwell on problems; they tackle them head on. They have the proper skills and knowledge to assess the situation and find the best path to move forward. Fear and doubt do not play a role in their mission, even though they must take necessary risks to help others break through to the next level.

Great coaches also have vision. They can see things better than they are and help others to share in that idea. They can create movement that inspires others, so that they roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. It goes well beyond directing activity, as a great coach will define the future and make it real and attainable for others.

Great coaches also understand strategy. They realize that transforming a vision into reality requires incremental changes that amount to radical results. It’s not always about the resources available, it’s knowing how to maximize resources — someone’s will, energy, creativity, courage, faith and determination — to achieve goals.”

Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, coach


My mentor, Jack Canfield, Success Coach and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, also extremely successful in his field, acknowledges that coaching success comes from following a few principles:

1. Believe in Human Potential for Greatness

2. Fulfillment Flows from Adding Value to Others

3. Bring Out the Best in People and Let Them Lead

4. Use Influence Rather than Position

5. Thrive on Challenges and Flexibility

6. When We Grow Others, We Grow Ourselves

7. A Coach Still Needs a Coach

Jack Canfield, The Successd Principles, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Author, Speaker, Coach


I’ve had the luxury of attending Tony Robbins’ seminars and reading some of his books. I’ve had the pleasure of attending Jack Canfield’s week long session of his program, Breakthrough to Success (BTS) in Scottsdale, Arizona AND successfully becoming one of Jack’s Certified Trainer in his Success Principles Coaching Program.

As a health care practitioner, single mom for over 20 years and entrepreneur, life gets very busy, as I’m sure you can appreciate. I don’t know everything you are going through, but I’ve been through enough life experiences, along with my passion for life long education, to empower you along your life’s journey to greatness. Schedule a complementary 15 minute session to chat by going to the website www.fourniercoaching.com. Looking forward to seeing how I can inspire you to make the changes in your life.

Lucie Fournier, coach, speaker

Lucie M.H. Fournier offers one on one sessions, personal mindfulness coaching, soulopreneur business coaching, and half day or full day transformational seminars for your employees and/or management.