Pet Health In Guelph Region

 Pet Health In Guelph Region

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Brushcuts Professional Pet Grooming

 Pet Health In Guelph Region

At Brushcuts Professional Pet Grooming, we provide exceptional grooming services in a timely way by caring, respectful and professional staff.

Contact Brushcuts Professional Pet Grooming

65 Dawson Rd, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-763-0105


Campus Estates Animal Hospital

 Pet Health In Guelph Region

Welcome to Campus Estates Animal Hospital! Your Veterinary Hospital in Guelph, Open 24 Hours a Day with Emergency and after-hours services available 24/7 for all companion animal and exotic species.

Contact Campus Estates Animal Hospital

1460 Gordon Street South, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-837-1212

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Gateway Pet Memorial Services Inc

 Pet Health In Guelph Region

At Gateway, we understand how hard it is to say farewell to a true friend. We also know how important it is to celebrate the life of your pet in a way that is meaningful to you and your family. Whether your pet's loss is unexpected or not, we will support you in making memorial arrangements that best suit your needs. From our cremation choices and private viewings to unique memorial products, we offer a number of ways for you to say your final goodbye and remember your pet for years to come. All of our pet aftercare services are provided with dignity and respect. You can trust us to guide you through this difficult process with compassion and sensitivity, helping you find a lasting sense of peace and comfort.

Giving your family the best in Pet Aftercare

Contact Gateway Pet Memorial Services Inc

170 Southgate Dr, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-822-8858

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 Pet Health In Guelph Region

Guelph Animal Hospital

At Guelph Animal Hospital our veterinarians and healthcare team are focused on providing a positive and rewarding experience through our individualized and integrative approach to your pet’s veterinary care. In addition to the amazing care for your fur friends we have a self serve Spa, along with a wide selection of pet treats, foods, clothing, toys

Contact Guelph Animal Hospital

110 Gordon St, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-836-2782

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Guelph Cat Clinic

Guelph Cat Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic in Guelph that is dedicated to exclusively serving the healthcare needs of our feline patients, with full medical, surgical, dental, on-site laboratory and animal hospital facilities.

Contact Guelph Cat Clinic

15 Surrey St W #4, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-821-2287

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Kortright Animal Hospital

Since 1987, Kortright Animal Hospital in Guelph, Ontario has been helping people care for and enrich the lives of their beloved pets.

Contact Kortright Animal Hospital

8-160 Kortright Rd W

Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-824-7190

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OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital

OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital is located within the Hill's Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in Guelph, Ontario. We operate both as a fully functional veterinary clinic, as well as an educational facility for all student veterinarians at the Ontario Veterinary College. The OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital is a stand-alone small animal hospital that offers primary veterinary services to all clients and their animal companions.

Contact OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital

Ontario Veterinary College

48 Smith Lane, Guelph ON

Phone: 519-840-0100


Royal City Animal Hospital

Guelph Veterinary clinic - dedicated to keeping your pets healthy, with an emphasis on preventive medicine.

Contact Royal City Animal Hospital

245 Edinburgh Rd S

Guelph, ON

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Southgate Animal Hospital

Southgate Animal Hospital is proud to offer CVO-accredited veterinary care with personal service in Guelph’s south end. Our hospital has integrated a high standard of medicine and contemporary equipment with customized recommendations to provide your family with a dependable partner in your pet's care.

Contact Southgate Animal Hospital

361 Southgate Drive

Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-822-9600

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Speedvale Pet Hospital

Speedvale Pet Hospital is a well-equipped, full service small animal veterinary facility in Guelph, Ontario. We are committed to providing the best possible medical, surgical, and dental services at a very reasonable cost to assist your pet in living a longer, happier and healthier life.

Contact Speedvale Pet Hospital

400 Speedvale Ave W, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-265-5511

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