Beginners Yoga In Guelph Region

Beginners Yoga In Guelph Region

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Bikram Yoga Guelph

Beginners Yoga In Guelph Region

BikramYoga changes the construction of the body from the inside out, from bones to skin and from fingertips to toes.

Contact Bikram Yoga Guelph

126 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-780-0110

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Living Yoga & Health

Beginners Yoga In Guelph Region

Living Yoga & Health helps you find rejuvenation of your spirit, relief from stress and physical discomfort in an atmosphere of non-competition and self-acceptance. Instruction in safe postures, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises are available for new students as well as those who wish to move more deeply into their yoga experience.

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105 Wyndham St N, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-767-1041

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Maha Pura Yoga

Beginners Yoga In Guelph Region

This Beautiful New Studio is Now Open! There's a wide range of drop-in classes and sessions suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students. Exceptional Yoga Teacher Training Program Available on Weekends!

Contact Maha Pura Yoga

667 Wellington St W, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-824-8369

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What are the benefits of yoga

Moksha Yoga & Body Therapies

A community of hot yoga studios guided by 7 Pillars: Be Healthy. Be Accessible. Live Green. Sangha Support. Live to Learn. Reach Out. Be Peace.

Contact Moksha Yoga & Body Therapies

78 Norfolk St, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-822-2210

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Sukha Yoga Centre

Conveniently located in downtown Guelph, we offer a warm and welcoming place for students interested in yoga and meditation to delve deeper into their practice supported by the spirit of inquiry and community. We offer intimate classes that focus on building a strong, curious and stable practice through understanding alignment and incorporating philosophical and other elements of yoga.

Contact Sukha Yoga Centre

42 Wyndham St N #101c, Guelph, ON

Phone: 519-265-5055

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