What is Tribal Wear

What is Tribal Wear

Intuitively designed and unique, hand-made jewelry and fashion accessories.

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About Tribal Wear

"Before the conception of Tribal Wear, making my own jewelry for me and my friends was something I always did for fun. Having lived in places like Toronto, Montréal, Mexico, and Ottawa I was exposed to rich cultures and elaborate artists from many walks of life. Inspired by this diversity I would make modern interpretations influenced by traditions like the dreamcatcher and turn it into wearable jewelry.

It got to the point where friends of mine began asking me where I would get my stuff, and when they found out I made them it wasn't long before they were in demand. I eventually figured that if my friends liked it, and I liked it, chances are more people out there would like it too, and so the idea for Tribal Wear was born. But I wanted to take it a step further...

Welcome to Tribal Wear Co.

"Tribal Wear features select pieces from an expanding collective of talented artisans, each gifted in their own right and chosen for their forward fashion and attention to quality, as well as the latest of my designs and collections.

Tribal Wear offers customizable pieces made specially for you directly from your favourite Artisans, as well as a Market Place filled with uniquely made, one of a kind treasures. Our expanding catalogue is constantly being updated with the best and the latest from our artists with new types of jewelry, clothes, fashion, home decor, art and more!

Tribal Wear, Brian Escobar

The Bronze Eagle Copper Dreamcatcher pendant is a classic rendition of traditional Native Indian dreamcatchers with a modern twist that make them not only symbols of protection but of healing due to the properties of the materials used in its construction.

All pieces are blessed and infused with Reiki Energy as our artists are also energy workers/healers. We believe that the more love you put into the work you do, the more beauty and potential it has to heal others when they see it.

This brand represents Collective Culture and embraces bringing worlds together to create new ones. The name Tribal Wear is intended to symbolize a merging of the world's cultures, be it ancient, modern or fantastical, and finding a balance between them to create innovative designs by bridging these gaps. We represent the future of what we want to see in fashion & trends while catering to alter-egos of all sorts. We blend our love of festival wear and cosplay while considering the modern edge of today's urban person, making what was once left behind closet doors the new normal, the new cool. Light is the new black, baby.

Tribal Wear, Brian Escobar

This is a slightly updated version of the popular Lemurian Crystl Headband. The simplified design maintains all the elements that make these headbands as powerful as they are. This ancient technology includes a .999 pure copper coin, as well as a 1oz. layer of .999 fine silver (not pictured), topped with a Lemurian Quartz Crystal.

More Than Just A Brand - A Vision

More than just a brand, Tribal Wear is a statement. The vision goes beyond just being a business, but the focus itself is to be a voice for those with something to say; a cause that can give back to the community - a leader in the future of how business is done. Dedicated to providing a safe & easy online shopping experience we're always learning and evolving towards getting better at doing what we do. "

tribal wear

Tribal Wear

- Brian Escobar

Brian Escobar, Tribal Wear

Brian Escobar

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