Professional Coaching Directory

Professional Coaching Directory

A directory of professional life, transitional coaching in the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas.

Professional Coaching Directory


i am i can, lee pryke, coach,

I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre

Providing coaching in a unique way with art, workshops, and one on one.

Happiness Coach, Lee Pryke helps you discover your unique one of a kind gift you have within and shine it brightly into the world. She will design a plan to eliminate old paradigms and rediscover the authentic person you already are. You will follow your passion, be happier and success is the end result!

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balanced bloom, jessilyn mccash

Balanced Bloom

roviders of Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition Education and Coaching

At Balanced Bloom we Educate, Empower, Inspire and coach you to Build Balance in your life, in mind, body and spirit. We do this by helping you understand the connection between holistic nutrition, regular physical activity and listening to your body, so you can decrease physical and mental stress, increase health and happiness, and make positive lifestyle changes.

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Subtle Energies

Energetic Transformational Coach Annette Parker works with Quantum Scaler Sound

Here is a beautiful Meditation from Annette

Learn More about Annettes Coaching Methods

Sound Cloud - Annette Parker

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Dana Jensen Psychic

Envision your past, present or future events by asking your own imagination to tell a story.

Experience a session like no other and embrace the world of the unseen. I will step into your energy and energy will step into me, this will allow the story to unfold and messages to begin. It is up to you to do the work! Let the journey become clear and walk with the wisdom of universal spiritual energy. If you are listening with all your senses, your awareness becomes awakened and the mystical light appears on a new level.

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Korey Snider Hypnosis

My name is Korey Snider, I am a certified Hypnotist

Korey assists his clients with a range of issues such as anxiety relief, smoking cessation, weight loss goals, sleeplessness/ Insomnia, pain management, changing unwanted behaviours to ones that are more desirable and many more.The real key to creating the person you want to become is to visualize yourself that way (when mind and body are relaxed) which creates a a positive self-image.

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Truth Alignment Soulution Coach, Angela Horne

Empower, Enlighten, Illuminate, your perspectives/perceptions of self to elevate you into transformation, of what no longer serves you now on this path. Angela sees the blind spots that are holding you back in this journey of life. Illuminating the source of the crink in the road, we are able to dissolve the dis-ease and move you over the speedbump that has blocked or slowed you down.

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