Nutrition Professionals Directory

Nutrition Professionals Directory

A directory of Nutrition Professionals in the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas.

Nutrition Professionals Directory


balanced bloom, jessilyn mccash, nutrition specialist

Balanced Bloom

Balanced Bloom

Jessilyn McCash

Providers of Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition Education and Coaching

At Balanced Bloom we Educate, Empower & Inspire you to Build Balance in your life, in mind, body and spirit. We do this by helping you understand the connection between holistic nutrition, regular physical activity and listening to your body, so you can decrease physical and mental stress, increase health and happiness, and make positive lifestyle changes.

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Enagic Kangan Water

Enagic- Kangen Water Filtration with Kim Galbraith. The water is filtered through the Kangen System for drinking ionized alkaline water.

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Organics Live

Clean Food Entrepreneur – Remi Falola, Organics Live Cambridge, KW (N&W) and surrounding areas. “Healthier Living, On Your Doorstep.”

100% certified organic produce & dry goods delivered to your front door weekly and bi-weekly. Discover a simpler, healthier, less expensive relationship with your food. Organics Live Inc. builds and manages the distribution systems and relationships required to get the world’s healthiest grocery items into the hands of end consumers faster and for less money than is possible through standard retail channels.

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Team Body

Team Better Than Before with Marida and Guy Etherington, Etobicoke, On. Shakeology-the healthiest meal replacement shake. Fitness Workout programs such as PIYG, 21DayFix, T25, Hammer and Chisel. Fitness coaching services.

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