Aging and Mobility

Aging and Mobility

To live a healthy, independent life as we age, mobility is very important.

Every day I see seniors who want to go for a walk or stroll in the park but their bodies are stiff and chronic pain has set in. I am so passionate about helping the people in my community to live fuller lives and be independent longer.

As a dance and fitness trainer, I want to give our aging community a chance to feel better so I offer free classes for seniors and sedentary individuals with music to raise their spirits, gentle dancing and easy ways they can move their body even if they are wheelchair bound. I see their smiling faces as they lift their arms to the music. They feel young and vibrant once again. It warms my heart.

Chair fitness, KYnamics, Youvana Russell

Chair Fitness

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to open my own Studio, KYnamics

We are located at 800 Franklin Boulevard, Cambridge, On N1R 7Z1

I still visit a few places each week to help the seniors unable to get out and I know there are many living in their own homes who may enjoy getting out for an hour to listen to upbeat music, learn how to do a little moving and maybe even dance the two step. We start out at a comfortable pace that each person feels good about and never push them out of their comfort zone too much. We want their visit to be fun and we want them to come back. With each visit they learn that they can do a little more. Now I don't say they will be dancing like this couple right away, but anything is possible once you get started.

Senior Dancing, KYnamics, Yovana Russell

Senior Dancing

This video makes me Happy I hope it does for you too.

Canadian Seniors Dancing to Happy

It would give me great pleasure to assist you to keep moving and active.

Studio Classes

One of the classes I am offering in my studio is

KYnamics SilverFIT 55+ Toonie Tuesday Classes.

Come out and Join our easy, simple and fun classes and keep moving and active.

Here are some things we offer:

*Modern Line Dancing

*Gentle Fitness Dance

*Seated Fitness

*Strength, Balance and Flexibility training

*Seated Yoga

*Seated Zumba GOLD

Give us a call and book a fun and gentle class and let us put a smile on your face and a swing in your body. You may find the pain gets a little less too.

Yovana Russell

(519) 740-0185

Visit Kynamics  WEBSITE for all the details

Senior Dancing, KYnamics, toonie tuesdays, Yovana Russell

Aging and Mobility can be FUN

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