A Sacred Journey Doula Services

A Sacred Journey Doula Services

Supporting women, children & families as a whole . Sacred Journey is a space where multiple modalities are found to assist women and their journey through life.

A Sacred Journey

Lesley Cressman, Founder

I am a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and wife...

I am honoured to work and sharing the importance moments in the lives of women! The empowerment of women without devaluing men, in fact it brings balance to the sexes. As a mother of two women and two young men, I believe it is our greatest gift we can bestow upon our children and our society is the gift of equality and love.

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Women Supporting Women

A Sacred Journey

"Lesley loves working in the Waterloo region, with families and children within her community. She is a Reiki Master, Red Tent Facilitator, Labour & Postpartum Doula. Lesley's heart is in social services and she values her community as a whole. She is accepting of all religions, cultures, social economics and LGBTQA accepting. She is a strong educator, who utilizes the theories of Gardeners Multiple Intelligence within her classes. In her classes, Lesley utilizes a combination of Theory, Visual, and Movement activities to assist her students in bringing the learning into practice."

We Specialize in:

  • Labour and Postpartum Doula Services
  • Doula Training and Certifications
  • Reiki Treatments and Teaching
  • Monthly Red Tents
  • Women's Support Services
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Community Supports
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A Sacred Journey

Our Mission Statement

A Sacred Journey is a collective of professionally trained women, where we only participate within evidence-based standards of practice. It is our strongest wish to assist women as the make their way through their life's journey. We validate our clients by listening as they tell their story. A Sacred Journey is proudly situated in Kitchener, Ontario.

Our mission is to support and enrich the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of mother, baby/babies, and families as a whole; these are accomplished by prior knowledge and caring support systems throughout the process of becoming parents. We collectively, offer support in pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.

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A Sacred Journey

Doula Services

A Sacred Journey offers one-on-one assistance through the beginning stages of life. Whether you are looking for care planning or wisdom free of charge we will do our best to make available what is reasonable and realistic.

Prenatal Care & Bed Rest

  • Services to be arranged as family needs include:
  • Light household chores
  • Fresh or frozen meal preparation
  • Engagement with siblings
  • Help with errands and appointments*
  • Knowledge of resources and community supports

Labour Doula Services Package

Lesley has expanded her learning to work with families to include birth-work. Together with her team, she has created a system where clients will/can have all three of the staff on-call.

  • Free Meet and Greet Consultation followed by two prenatal meetings.
  • Topics of discussion are: birth plans, wishes, services, and needs.
  • Unlimited phone and email contact during your pregnancy, and in the weeks following the

birth of your baby.

  • On-call support starts around 38 weeks pregnancy
  • Labour supports from early labour and up to 2 hours after birth
  • Breastfeeding Supports
  • Back-up support, from a secondary doula
  • Postpartum visit from your doula
  • Community resource

Mothers can be comfortable know they are in the hands of loving, professionally trained women who are about the whole family.

a sacred journey

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