How to Find the Industrial Sewing Machine

How to Find the Industrial Sewing Machine

Nylon & Polyester Thread

Bonded Nylon is the most common thread used for commercial apparel and non-apparel applications. We carry the most popular tex sizes in stock and can order what ever size you may need. The second most used thread in the industry is Bonded Polyester thread which we also carry in many colors and thicknesses. Our spun polyesters can be used in a wide array of applications. They are often used in outdoor products since the fibers are inherently able to resist UV rays. Again, if we don’t have the specific size you’re looking for, we can order it for you. The uses for nylon and poly include a long list of indoor and outdoor applications, which can be easily identified in the descriptive pictorial grid just above the section you are reading.

Industrial sewing machine

Customers searching for heavy duty thread usually have specific uses in mind. The trick about heavy duty thread, is that most industrial threads over Tex 69, or Size 70, The industrial sewing machine is considerably larger and heavier than the typical household sewing machine. These machines are for professional use, as they have greater work capacity than household machines. Due to their characteristics, industrial sewing machines cost more than those for domestic use.

Leather Sewing Thread

Commercial leather sewing thread is typically used on a walking foot machine with a high grade industrial 110/16 to 110/18 needle. The right thread for interior applications will be a bonded nylon. The tex size will depend on the thickness of the leather you are using. The resin bonding agent found in the manufacturing process of the bonded nylon helped reduce friction in sewing. This allows for faster and smoother stitching during your production. We do not recommend waxed or common threads for leather sewing. However when it comes to outdoor leather products like a bike seat or the dashboard of a car which sees a lot of sunlight, you’ll want a polyester thread. The polyester fibers have better resistance to UV rays. A heavier thickness is strong enough to sew through several layers of additional material.

Cutsew is an excellent choice in the world of high quality industrial sewing machines, including sergers, single stitch, double needle, zigzag, walking foot, and overlock sewing machines. We offer a wide range industrial sewing machines existing in the market today. Many of our machines listed are in stock and ready to ship within a day or so.

One main advantage of an industrial machine is the speed at which it stitches material. That is why factories and small product shops have relied on them since the early 1900’s. Many of them sew around 7,000 stitches per minute depending on the make and model. Newer technology ensures that machines use less electricity. Modern models save on both time and energy costs.