Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People

Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People

Get ready to be thankful, this November. This day is an important event to celebrate the end of the harvest season, and the food collected.

From fall to winter, there's a trail of fun festivals that make the end of year memorable. From Halloween to the New Year, the last months are surely the time of the year that are worth it. You have just got done with Halloween, and now Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is time to set your tables and to fill your kitchen with the aroma of pie and turkey.

It is observed worldwide but is mostly celebrated with great fervor in the United States. One of the most common ways to be thankful this season is to bake some pie and cook Turkey. However, in every single Thanksgiving party, you will be served either of these two dishes, which can be a little repetitive.

If you are taking the business in your own hands this thanksgiving, and have decided to host a party, then go a little out of the usual way. Choose variant thanksgiving desserts, while the turkey remains constant. We have gathered a list of thanksgiving dessert ideas that you may want to try out this year. These creative, delicious, and cute thanksgiving desserts will surely leave a yearlong taste of love and gratitude on the tongue of your guests. Take a look;

Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes

  • Icebox Cake

If you are not feeling like going through the long process of baking a pie or any other desserts, then icebox cake is one of the best thanksgiving dessert ideas for you. An Icebox Cake requires no baking and tastes just as delicious as a regular cake. All you need to do is add some flavored whipped cream or ice-cream and sandwich in some crackers. You can also play around with the recipe by adding blended biscuits, nuts, and heavy cream. You can try making Pumpkin Mousse Ice Box Cake, as it tastes a little bit of Halloween and a lot more like Christmas happiness.

Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People
  • Trimasu

Trimasu is another quick thanksgiving dessert recipe that doesn't require baking and is time-saving. The delicious recipe requires little effort and tastes heavenly. If your guests are a fan of coffee, then go for this recipe. This Thanksgiving dessert is made with long thin crackers that are first dipped in coffee and then layered with different toppings and flavors. You can layer them up with eggs, sugar, cheese, and cocoa. You can add some crushed biscuits and cream to convert this same recipe into a different texture. Get the recipe here.

Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People
  • Chocolate Popcorn Bark

This recipe is surely one of the most healthy thanksgiving desserts in the list due to the number of ingredients it takes to cook. All you need is popcorns, chocolate, and some apples. Take some unflavored popcorns, add small chopped apples and pour over melted chocolate. Bake the ingredients and serve as you like. Find a detailed recipe here.

Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People
  • Pumpkin Crumble

If you don't have time to bake a pumpkin pie but are still craving the classic dessert, this dish may slake your craving. As clear from the name, this dish is made with flour and oats crumbles. You don't have to bake it, but just press down the crumbles that are mixed with the normal ingredients that are added into a pumpkin pie. It is all about finding a way to satisfy your cravings while not wasting a lot of time taking unnecessary steps. Surprise your guests with this new and easy to make thanksgiving desserts recipe of Pumpkin crumble. It doesn't need to be frozen either. You can serve it with some whipped cream.

Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People
  • French Apple Tart

This is by far one of the most time-consuming thanksgiving desserts ideas but, trust us, it's all worth it. This recipe consists of some delicious apples brushed with melted apricot jelly. All you need to do is prepare some dough and line the apples diagonally. Finally, brush the apples with the apricot syrup and some butter and put it in the oven to bake. This recipe has an ethereal aroma and even better taste. The slight crunch of an apple and sharp taste of apricot will take your breath away. Get the recipe here.

Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts Ideas for Creative People