Long Beach provides a broad array of meals to gratify every palate, with hundreds of eateries to pick from.

Long Beach brings a wide variety of foods including Mediterranean food appetizers and flexible pricing ranges at your disposal. So whether you are looking for a kid-friendly restaurant or romantic supper with a breathtaking view, Long Beach has you covered for sure.

If you want to explore the best eateries of this city, you can start with the following restaurants:

1. 555 East American Steakhouse

It is no small achievement to be crowned the greatest steakhouse in Long Beach. At 555 East American Steakhouse, the chefs will particularly ensure that each steak is cooked to perfection. 555 East American Steakhouse's wide wine list, available by the glass or bottle, is the ideal complement to any meal, more so Long Beach Mediterranean appetizers. This restaurant is a wonderful choice for a romantic supper, thanks to its ultra-romantic atmosphere, soft lighting, and experienced wait staff.

2. Phnom Penh Noodle Shack

Long Beach's Cambodian cuisine is more than a normal cuisine. It essentially represents the essence of a community that was nearly wiped off the face of the earth. Those who managed to flee the genocide built their home in Long Beach after being rescued by US military personnel at Camp Pendleton. Long Beach is home to the most genuine Cambodian cuisine for that reason alone. This family-run restaurant first opened its doors in 1985 and has been serving up some of the greatest Cambodian cuisine in the area ever since.

Their House Special, which is normally served dry but may also be served as a soup, is nothing short of amazing: ground pork and sliced pig, mixed with slivers of hog stomach and liver, and shrimp, served atop noodles with as few or as many accessories as desired. It is more than just a bowl of noodles; it is a stunning example of culinary artistry and cultural resiliency.

3. Café Sevilla

Café Sevilla serves you authentic Spanish cuisine and live music for a lively evening of dining. On selected evenings, there is salsa dancing, on weekends there is rumba-style guitar, and on Saturday evenings there are renowned flamenco dance presentations with a full supper. Café Sevilla is just a short walk from the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. It would not be far-fetched from the reality to call this place the home to hot Mediterranean appetizers you can venture to imagine.

4. Sir Winston's Restaurant & Lounge

The Queen Mary's premier restaurant, Sir Winston's Restaurant & Lounge, is a historic former ocean liner. This exquisite restaurant offers breathtaking views of the Long Beach promenade as well as a delicious seafood buffet. For romantic dates, anniversaries, and birthdates this restaurant is hands down the best choice. Every Sunday, the restaurant hosts a lavish brunch filled with lobster, oysters, roast meats, and all the excellent Champagne you can drink.

5. Ammatoli

Ammatoli specializes in Levantine cuisine. There is also the excellent rotisserie chicken supper, which comes with a succulent, and two sides of your choosing. For breakfast, Ammatoli serves Levantine Chilaquiles including baked pita, cooked fava beans, and fried eggs scattered with sumac flavor, however, Chef Dima's shakshouka aided with Gusto bread is worth a shot as well.

6. Cafe Piccolo

This is out-and-out Long Beach's most quixotic Italian restaurant serving a host of top-notch Long Beach Mediterranean appetizers. Open umbrellas, tables clothed in linen, European statues, and Italian murals create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Café Piccolo's menu and appeal are based on Italian fusion cuisine with Indian, Thai, and Persian influences. To ensure top-quality freshness, Café Piccolo sources its products from local farms.

7. Ellie's

Jason Witzl, the owner and chef of Ellie, is delighted to use only the freshest local food and meats in his eatery to offer the best eating experience possible. Ellie's creates a comfortable, romantic atmosphere for each couple's date night with soft lighting and linen tablecloths. Ellie's large patio, located in Long Beach's Alamitos Beach district, offers a community al fresco dining experience. The restaurant's menu is diverse, with Italian-inspired salads, sandwiches, vegetables, and entrées, as well as shared dishes for lunch. Dinner includes a variety of handmade pastas.

8. Cafe Ambrosia

Café Ambrosia is well-known in Long Beach for its authentic Mediterranean food appetizers and, particularly, Greek dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served using high-quality, fresh products. With exquisite linen tablecloths and soothing candlelight, Café Ambrosia provides an intimate and romantic dining experience for couples. The restaurant includes an outdoor seating area where you can soak up the sun during the day and congregate around heated fire pits in the evening. Café Ambrosia is separated from the bustling street by a privacy wall. Café Ambrosia is a fantastic dining choice thanks to live music, ample portions, vegan meals, and a top-notch wine list.