Listening To Your Body's Voice

Listening To Your Body's Voice

With all of this scheduling and beeping and chaos going on, it’s easy to forget to listen to your own body.

The Challenges of Daily LIfe

As you go through your day to day life, the world encourages you to go faster, sleep less, and do more. The typical day is filled with deadlines, emails, and phone calls. You spend your day, connected to a device in your pocket or bag that chimes, beeps, and makes noises all day, telling you where to go, who to contact, and what to do. With all of this scheduling and beeping and chaos going on, it’s easy to forget to listen to your own body. The next thing you know, it’s 3 pm, and you’re on your third cup of coffee for the afternoon, wondering why you’re tired, hungry, and stressed out. Is that a migraine coming on? Why do these things always happen to you?

If you regularly find yourself in these positions, it’s time to take some time to stop, reset, and listen to your body’s voice. It’s likely trying pretty hard to get some messages through to you, if you take the time to listen.

Listening to Your Bodys Voice, Meghan Manzo, Health and Healing Homeopathy

Listening to Your Body's Voice

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

One of the first messages that your body tends to try to send out is one of discomfort. If you’re not caring for your body well, it starts trying to let you know. If you’re not drinking enough water, eating enough healthy, nutritious food, or getting enough sleep, your body may start trying to let you know with aches, pains, and tension. If you find that you’re physically uncomfortable on a regular basis, it may be because you’re not taking good care of yourself.

Where are You Holding Tension or Pain?

Another thing to pay careful attention to is where in your body you’re holding pain and tension. Do you find that your shoulders frequently ache, your neck and jaw hurt often, or that you always have a tension headache? Then you may be holding extra tension and pain in your body that you’re not taking the time to manage effectively or to get rid of. Holding this pain in for too long can cause you serious physical problems, so it’s important to take the time to manage it effectively.

Take the time to listen to your body and manage what it is telling you. If it’s sending you a message, stop for a few minutes and deal with that message, so that you can lead a healthier, happier life.

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Talke the Time to Listen To the Messages


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