Infertility and Homeopathy

Infertility and Homeopathy

Starting a family is a beautiful thing and a dream of many young couples planning their life together. Sometimes we need a little help with the process.

Starting a family is a beautiful thing and a dream of many young couples planning their life together. For many this happens quite naturally and for others this is a difficult process increasing stress and anxiety which in turn affects the fertility of both women and men.

Each month you hope for a positive result and for the first few months keep trying, but when it continues month after month without a positive, it’s time to find out why. How many times do you hear “stop trying and It will just happen” and in some cases that works, however; in many cases the couple needs to seek help in determining what may be causing infertility.

There are many factors to consider from physical, emotional, levels of current stress, and whether it is the woman or the man, or a bit of both.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, that is, to cure diseases it focuses on the person as a whole. Homeopaths believe the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical factors are interconnected, and no single factor is taken in isolation while determining the treatment. It rectifies the cause of infertility by going to the root of the problem. For example, if your infertility is mainly because of problems with your hormones, your homeopath will give medicines to rectify the imbalance.

Health and Healing Homeopathy, Meghan Manzo

How Homeopathy can help

Homeopathy works in...

• Improving ovulation cycles

• Increasing sperm count and improving sperm mobility

• Helping remove emotional blockages and negative thought processes that may affect fertility

• Reducing stress

• Helping to deal with depression and anxiety

• Curing the side effects of conventional therapy

To understand what the root cause of infertility is, your homeopath may ask you questions about your..

• Age

• Duration of inability to conceive

• Nicotine, alcohol, coffee or tea consumption

• Previous genital diseases including inflammation, surgery and trauma

• Any other conditions including hereditary conditions

• Dental status as determined by your dentist

• Exposure to pollution or toxins such as chemicals, radiation, heat or noise

• Stress levels according to you

Although there is no guarantee that homeopathy will help you conceive, a well selected remedy will definitely improve your wellbeing and you will be more likely to conceive naturally.

First It starts with a trusting relationship with a qualified homeopath and Meghan Manzo is both a nurse and a registered homeopath who cares for each of her clients in an individualized manner working together towards a happy healthy outcome. Next is to book a complete assessment.

Health and Healing Homeopathy, Meghan Manzo

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