Health and Healing Homeopathy is Expanding.

Health and Healing Homeopathy is Expanding.

BURLINGTON here comes Health and Healing Homeopathy!

Expanding to second location!

Meghan Manzo, Nurse, Homeopathic and Reiki Practitioner, has been utilizing both the chiropractic services of Dr. Michael White & RMT Liane Wysocki of Aches n' Pains Therapy Centre, for over 8 years and it is now time to bring Homeopathy to this already beautiful healing space.

Health and Healing Homeopathy, Burlington


Starting 2019 Health and Healing Homeopathy is expanding their practice and moving into their second home at:

Aches n' Pains Therapy Centre 3040 New St., Burlington.

As of January 21st

Meghan will be offering any new client in the Burlington/Oakville area

10% off Homeopathy & Reiki services!

Take advantage as this offer ends Feb 21st.

Health and Healing Homeopathy, Burlington


When you ask Meghan -  What do you most love about being a Homeopath?

She says,

"I love that I have been given the opportunity to help others in a way they may never have thought possible. I will often see people who have hit a dead end in their current treatments and feel as though their suffering is one they simply must endure. Homeopathy gives people a chance at regaining their health and their lives back so that they may do all the wonderful things they were meant to do on this earth! "

Do you have questions...

...about Homeopathy or Reiki?

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