A Guide To Choose The Best Joint Replacement Surgeons

A Guide To Choose The Best Joint Replacement Surgeons

It can be tough to find the right surgeon in today’s time when there are several options available.

Joint replacement surgery is not a minor one. Let it be a knee or a hip replacement surgery; getting it done by a professional surgeon is as important as anything else. Just because someone recommended you a hospital or a surgeon, does not mean they have to be excellent. There might be better options available out there. Here is a guide that will help you in selecting the best joint replacement surgeon in your area.

Step 1: Seek For Recommendations

The first thing to look for is recommendations from someone who has some experience as well as is a reliable source. This can either be your family member who recently has a joint replacement surgery or a healthcare worker. Before considering their recommendations, you should check that they are not doing it for their profit. Make a list of all the surgeons and look for their online ratings and reviews. That will help you in knowing the doctor and their services better.

Step 2: Look For Qualifications

Once you are ready with a list of best orthopedic surgeons and you have checked their online ratings, start by checking for the doctor’s qualifications. This will include two factors, their credentials, and experience. A doctor might have a 5-star rating online, but the last operation they performed was years ago. You do not want to go to such a doctor because the technology and techniques have changed over time. So you have to look for a doctor who performs joint replacement surgery regularly.

Also, look for any history of negligence or malpractice by the doctor.

Step 3: Check The Hospital Or Clinic

No one performs surgeries single-handedly. Doctors have a whole team that assists them with surgical processes. You have to make sure that the doctor’s team is also well qualified and skilled at their work. For this, you have to find the place where the doctor practices and look for the hospital or clinic’s reviews and ratings. You can also examine the types of equipment and tools that the doctor uses during the process.

Step 4: Look For The Money Aspect

As knee or hip replacement surgery cost in India is not inexpensive, you have to look into the money aspect as well. Different hospitals cost different for the exact same procedure, which can be due to various reasons. You have to check their prices and see if a particular surgeon or hospital lies under your budget or not. Also, if you have a health insurance policy, you can check if a specific hospital falls in its coverage or not.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not compromise on the doctor’s quality just to save a little money.


After finding the most qualified orthopedic surgeon in your area, you should directly visit him/her and ask them several questions about the process. This will help you in knowing about the doctor better, and you can choose a better surgeon for your joint replacement surgery.