7 Important Facts About Kidney Cancer

7 Important Facts About Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is one of the common types of cancer these days. There are various treatments available to treat kidney cancer patients.

Kidney cancer is one of the common types of cancer these days. There are various treatments available to treat kidney cancer patients. But before you go for the treatment you need to understand certain basic things about kidney cancer.

Let’s talk about the 7 most important facts about kidney cancer.

Types Of Kidney Cancer

The two main types of kidney cancer are renal cell cancer and transitional cell cancer. Mostly in adults, renal cancer is found in which condition the lining of the renal tubules gets affected by cancer cells. This type of kidney cancer is life-threatening as it can spread to other parts of the body especially in the bones and in the lungs.

In case you are diagnosed with kidney cancer, make sure you find the best cancer treatment hospital near you.

How Common Is Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer is more common in men than in women. Also, people with a family history of kidney diseases and cancer are more at risk. In case you have doubts about your family history of kidney problems, always consult with a kidney specialist.

What Are The Common Signs Of Kidney Cancer?

The signs and symptoms vary from one patient to the other. Especially, in the early stages of kidney cancer patients may get no symptoms at all which makes it difficult to identify the disease. One of the most common first signs of kidney cancer is kidney tumors. The patient must get kidney tumor treatment done at the earliest because the growth of the tumor's chances of developing cancer is high. Few signs that you need to understand are:

• Blood in the urine.

• Lump at the back of the kidney.

• Cyst formation.

• Kidney infection.

• Pain while urination.

Treatment Done For Kidney Cancer

If kidney cancer is identified at an early stage, the treatment has more chances of success. With the help of the right treatment, kidney cancer can also be cured if found before it has spread to other parts. But in most of the patients, renal cancer is identified in the advanced stage.

Doctors treat kidney cancer with the help of a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Depending upon the patient's condition some may require to undergo hormone therapy.

Risks And Complications Involved

There are some very minute and temporary risks or side effects that may occur after kidney surgery or therapies for cancer. There may be some sensation of pain that also goes away within a few days.

In rare cases, patients may experience complications such as:

• Internal bleeding and damage to internal organs during kidney treatment.

• Breathing difficulty.

• Infection in the surgical section.

• Hernia during surgery.

Recovery Phase Post-treatment

The recovery may take up to three to six weeks post-surgery for a kidney tumor. Patients are needed to stay in the hospital during that period to heal. The doctor will discharge the patient only when the condition improves.

Follow-up Checkup

A kidney cancer patient needs to keep in contact with the doctor from time to time. Follow-up checkups are essential as the kidney specialist can better monitor the patient for any new kidney disease or infection.

When you visit your kidney specialist, always get your doubts cleared about the treatment, recovery, risks and success rate.