Why Private Pilates Classes

Why Private Pilates Classes
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Private Pilates Classes is a great way to rehab, learn, progress quicker, maximise benefits for all. We discuss how we deliver our private sessions

Reasons For Doing Pilates

Pilates is a great way to help you achieve the balanced and functional body you have been striving for. It is a great workout for building overall strength and flexibility. After continued practice you will feel like a fully charged battery! Pilates can help reduce pains, tone muscles to help you feel healthier.

Who Would Benefit From Private Pilates Class

There are 3 types of people who would benefit from a private pilates instructor. Firstly, a beginner of pilates would benefit from individual sessions so they can learn the techniques and movements so much quicker. Secondly, people who have a specific injury and need a rehabilitation plan. We can design the pilates session to optimise your recovery. Thirdly, people who want to accelerate their learning and build up their overall strength and flexibility as quickly as possible.’

Why Private Pilates For Beginners

Pilates is all about technique, if you gain the technique correct from the beginning you will maximise benefits from your sessions. You will progress much quicker and not learn any bad habits! By having bespoke sessions this will help you gain the best results in the shortest possible time. Our instructors will ensure you find the right balance of being challenged but not push yourself too far, too quickly.

Why 1:1 Pilates For Rehabilitation

When recovering from injuries it’s possible to reaggravate an injury, causing further complications which will affect recovering time. All our private classes are specific for the individual and we can help with any injury as part of a well structured rehabilitation plan. We use specific rehab exercises that strengthen and stretch to optimise injury healing times. You will always have the undivided attention of the pilates instructor guiding you through the exercises. You can read more in our 5 stages of injury rehabilitation article.

Why Private Pilates Sessions

If you are looking to accelerate your health and wellbeing, the 1:1 classes are the fastest way to get results. With individual sessions we can exercise at your level and progress the difficulty quicker. You will develop a rapport with your private pilates instructor so they will know when you are having a good day so you can be pushed a bit further. We will start to understand what motivates you to gain the best results.

What Results Could I Expect From Private Pilates Sessions

The benefits will be both mental and physical. With continued practice you will start to notice yourself feeling taller, stronger and more confident. Your muscles will become toned and you may receive compliments from friends and family who notice the positive changes.

No Judgement, No Intimation, Feel Free

If you typically feel a little self conscious when exercising this is lowered by taking a private pilates class. There is no judgement from others if you are not doing the exercises correctly or wearing the right clothes etc. Your instructor is there to focus on just you, answer your questions and help support you through your class. If you feel like you would like to join semi private (2:1 or 3:1) sessions after a few sessions that is always a possibility at Wellthy Clinic. Otherwise you could stay with the private lessons if you prefer the individuality and the results it brings.

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