12 Tips to Flirt with a woman successfully

12 Tips to Flirt with a woman successfully

Flirting with women can be pretty scary. But learning a few small, helpful tricks will make flirting a much less overwhelming task. The more you practice these

Flirting with women can be pretty scary. But learning a few small, helpful tricks will make flirting a much less overwhelming task. The more you practice these steps, the easier it will become. Becoming more comfortable flirting will ultimately lead to more success with women!

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12 Tips to Flirt with a woman successfully

1. Use body language to your advantage.

Research has shown that 93% of communication is non-verbal, and only 7% of communication is through words. Therefore, body language is by far the most powerful weapon you have in your romantic arsenal. Knowing how to use body language to your advantage will overshadow almost any other mistake you might make while flirting.

2. Practice mirroring body language.

This basically means that you should imitate the other person's tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. This will make the other person feel comfortable with you and create a harmonious relationship between the two of you.

3. Pay attention to the position of your arms.

An "open" attitude is what you should aim for when flirting with women. This means that you should avoid crossing your arms or legs (meaning "locking up" your body). Crossing your arms can be seen as an attempt to create a boundary between you and the other person. Try to let your arms hang down when you stand. And if you're sitting, open your legs towards the woman, if possible, rest your arms on your thighs and let your arms dangle between your legs. This attitude expresses self-confidence and openness.

4. Turn your body towards her.

Again, this is about creating a sense of "openness" between you and the woman you're flirting with. Turning your head toward the person shows her that you're listening, and turning your whole body toward her means you're really deep in the conversation with her.

5. Touch them playfully.

A little touch can show a woman that you're interested in more than just talking to her. Try complimenting her necklace and touching it briefly, or lightly touching her arm when you're laughing at something funny she said.

6. Consider your approach to a woman.

The first interaction with a woman will shape the rest of the meeting, so it's important to choose your approach wisely. Research shows that women respond better to introductions from third parties than to sweet to flippant comments, compliments or jokes. Therefore, your best bet is to find someone who knows the woman and introduce you to her.

7. Be clear about what constitutes verbal and non-verbal communication.

We communicate in many different ways. Body language, as mentioned earlier, is very important, but verbal communication also plays a big part. Both types of communication can be very powerful, so care must be taken with both. Studies have found that women use more non-verbal flirting techniques than men, but they tend to expect more verbal hints from the men who flirt with them. [Therefore, men who use more non-verbal hints with women may not perform as well as men who use more verbal hints, as that is expected. The former may even be considered less masculine because they use flirting techniques that are considered more feminine.

8. Pay attention to their body language.

Notice if she leans towards you, or gives you a small, quick smile more often. Both are good signs and mean that you should move on. However, if she doesn't smile and looks away all the time, take it as a sign that she's not open to your approach.

Recognizing these types of physical signs is a skill that relies heavily on instincts. Because reproduction is necessary to sustain our species, we can sense internally when someone is not a good mate for us. Put in animal/instinctive terms, these signals mean that you have no intention of dominating or escaping—both are useful messages potential mates need to send before proceeding to intercourse/reproduction.

9. Make the first step

Remember that women are more responsive to introductions, so take that into account. Smile when you approach her and keep your body language open and confident.

10. Introduce yourself.

Say hello and who you are. Or, better yet, have a mutual acquaintance introduce her to you. Shake her hand firmly to show her that you're confident and that you respect her.

11. Make her laugh.

There are many ways to make a woman laugh. You could try playing with a difficult strategy by combining two things that don't look good individually: arrogance and bad humour.

If you're arrogant, she won't want anything to do with you, and if you just keep making silly, funny comments, she won't take you seriously. But if you mix these two things, the combination will draw the girl to you like a magnet attracts metal.

You've probably heard and seen that nice guy always lose and assholes always get girls. This is often because nice guys, unlike assholes, don't use this technique. This technique is effective because it shows the woman that you are funny and can laugh at yourself (by laughing at your own implied, feigned arrogance).

12. Keep the conversation going.

Do this by asking her questions! Ask questions about the environment (“What do you think of the band playing at this party?” or “Have you tried the food here?”) or things happening in the world (“What do you think of this new one Comedy?"). And remember, everyone always prefers to talk about themselves.


When flirting, it's easy to cross the line between confidence and arrogance. This can lead to a quick end to the meeting or a slap in the face. note that

Confidence is very different from arrogance. Never be arrogant; that is extremely unattractive.