What If Just For Today....

What If Just For Today....

...a journal of endless possibilities written by Lee Pryke and illustrated by Lee and her five year old grandson.

"You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey; it just doesn't work out that way. The way you're feeling, along the way, is the way you're continuing to pre-pave your journey, and it's the way it's going to continue to turn out until you do something about the way you are feeling."  Abraham

This is the Introduction in my journal/book It is the first in the series called Happy in a Handbag inspired by my grandson.

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Introduction in Book

"Slept in, jumped out of bed and slipped on a dog toy on the way to the coffee machine overflowing on the counter. Who left the cap off the toothpaste? Why ME! Does it get any worse?....

And magically it DOES!

Sound like a day in your life?

I've had those days where the thoughts in my head were grumblings of discontent. I watched the day unfold and things just kept getting worse. One day, in the midst of chaos I thought, What if I replay this scene differently?

My 'stinkin thinkin' was in control on this day, so I asked myself, "What if I thought about happy things when I caught myself grumbling? What if just for today I wrote down what made me feel grateful for my life? How would that look? There was one cup of coffee that made it to the pot and I wasn't out of toothpaste. Deep breath, rewind! I give love to others so what about me? Others tell me I'm awesome, so NOW would be a good time to love me and the beauty that surrounds me."

I think about my five year old grandson, Honour; and his art work he shares with me from school; artwork that I have framed on my walls. Looking at these framed pieces of art, my heart fills with love and joy. I feel happy! He inspires me to say, It's time to 'let the little girl inside out to play.'

Grandson, Honour


Honour reminds me of how a simple thing like finger-painting can turn into a masterpiece. How fun is that! I feel him with me everyday when I look at the art hanging regally on my walls. I begin to paint and play with colour and words.

Honours Art, What if Just for Today

Honours Art

Every day I say, 'What If" and write down what comes to mind.

This journal is what transpired on my path of finding more 'happy', changing the grumbles into endless possibilities, and loving ME enough to take a deep breath and either observe the beauty or make more beauty with a little paint and paper.

Inspire, Art by Lee Pryke

Art by Lee Pryke

I hope you smile, find your creative inner child, feel the joy and happy, and love yourself a little more as you create your own journal through these pages.

Life can be a wonderful journey when we shift our 'stinkin thinkin' and if this journal makes your days a little better, I have accomplished my vision for What If Just for Today.

Enjoy the artwork contributed by myself and my grandson, be creative and fill in the blanks. Make it your own special place to be happy and smile.

This journal is small enough to carry with you and each page has a new question to ask yourself, with space to answer and doodle or colour if you wish. You can read it within an hour and hopefully it has impact on your thoughts for a life time.


I close the book with the question, Where do we go from here? and a poem written by an amazing woman, Janice Mae; called When you Love Yourself.  Janice writes, "The poem is intended to remind us of what is possible when one has the courage to do a little work and free up a lot of love."

Thank you, Lee Pryke, MPsy, Artist, Author, Writer, Coach

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Here is the Book Trailer

Trailer by Leah frieday