Happiness Begins with YOU

Happiness Begins with YOU

When you know yourself you do the best you can in every way. It doesn’t have to be perfect 24/7. It is a process step by step.

It All Begins with YOU

You are 100% responsible for your life and what shows up in it.

I believe the most important person in this world is YOU. Often people think that taking this belief is ego based and narcissistic. I believe it is the best way to show you love, peace, gratitude and self worth.

Your thoughts are powerful and mold your reality.

  • If you don’t know yourself, how can you show others what you desire.
  • If you don’t love yourself how can others know how to love you and how do you give true love to your peers, friends, and children.

When you understand what makes you tick and what your passion is, then you have a direction to follow.

It All Begins with You

Thoughts are powerful

Love Yourself

When you love yourself you do the best you can in every area. It doesn’t have to be perfect 24/7 as long as long as you're working towards it, step by step; to achieve the end result.

Louise Hay, one my favourite mentors, was passionate about teaching others how to discover their personal power. She talks about acceptance in this article called Do you Give Your Power Away -

“See yourself standing in front of a mirror looking into your own eyes and saying, I love and accept you exactly as you are. And breathe. Just let yourself feel what you’re feeling. You don’t have to be perfect. You’re already perfect as you are: You are you. You’re exactly what you’ve chosen to be in this lifetime...”

Own It

Owning your personal power keeps the ego in check. Our ego will say, “just stay this way, be quiet, stay small, don’t rock the boat.” The ego is testing you and is never going to go away, however; it can be directed to be used as a reference and keep us in check of our thoughts and actions. Our thoughts and emotions have an incredible ability to either give us power or take our power away. Every time you compare yourself to others, you give your power away.

It All Begins with You, I Am I Can, Lee Pryke

Owning your personal power

PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts and emotions and focus on the ones that give you more power. There is no one else thinking in your head but YOU, so be sure to pay attention to your thoughts and when they start turning towards ‘stinkin thinkin’ take a deep breath, look in the mirror and remember, Happiness Begins with You.

"I am amazing, brave and courageous. I am perfect as I Am and I follow my passion with confidence and joy.” Lee Pryke

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It All Begins with You, Lee Pryke, I Am i Can

Happiness begins with YOU