Happiness comes in Many Forms

Happiness comes in Many Forms

It's not just about being happy. It's about full engagement, about firing on all cylinders.

To me, it’s not just about being happy. It’s about full engagement, about firing on all cylinders, it’s about wow.” Ben Zander

Happiness comes in many Forms

About Ben Zander, Master Conductor and Inspiration

Benjamin (Ben) Zander, Orchestra Conductor and Founder of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra; at 77 years of age says, “I try to live life by the philosophy that you can reinvent any story so that it is more exciting or energizing or happy-making. It’s about possibility.

Ben is a master connector, as evidenced by his TED Talk – with 7, 647, 626 view and counting.

Ben Zander - TED talk

Ben brims over with joy, though if you ask him how he stays happy, he replies that happiness isn’t the whole story.

“I say, ‘You’re happy? Good! What else you got?” To me, it’s not just about being happy. It’s about full engagement, about firing on all cylinders, it’s about wow” he explains.

Art of Possibility

For Ben Zander, as with many of us; happiness wasn’t always easy. He talks about happiness as a discipline. We may be born with a sunny disposition and also prone to moodiness. At some point one realizes that happiness is a matter of choosing to be so. Ben and his second wife Roz divorced and that experience brought them to a point of understanding that life does not always play out as we think it might. The two of them had what they called a “transformational conversation.” It brought them closer as friends and together they wrote the book, The Art of Possibility.

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Authors: Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Zander

The Art of Possibility discusses that life is composed as a story and that with new definitions, people can achieve more of what they previously deemed impossible.

  • What is the story we build inside our heads.
  • Does this story produce happiness?
  • Can we change the story?


Choose Happiness - Pay Attention

It is important to Pay attention to what we are thinking, our thoughts become words and those words create the story line. This is where you get to choose the outcome. You are the only person thinking in your head so if you are not content with how you feel, what your world looks like or how others interact with you……change your thoughts and the story has possibilities of being the happiest love story of all time.

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Thoughts are Powerful Things

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The Art of Possibility

Intuitive Life Coaching

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