Best time to perform Umrah and Hajj for UK residents

Best time to perform Umrah and Hajj for UK residents

Hajj and Umrah are the mass gathering of Muslims of enormous ethnic diversity. There is no comparison of Hajj and Umrah gatherings. In 2022, Hajj is expected b

Hajj is an obligatory pilgrimage. It is an essential pillar of Islam. On the other hand, Umrah is Sunnah and can be performed throughout the year. Before the pandemic, there are millions of Muslims do these pilgrimages wholeheartedly. There was a big break in both pilgrimages due to the coronavirus.

Now Umrah & Hajj can be undertaken in 2022 and it is truly a blessed journey for the pilgrims. Therefore, travel agents also introduce Umrah deals that help to complete Umrah peacefully. There are major travel agencies in the UK that work for fully protected Hajj & Umrah services.

Is Umrah & Hajj allowing in 2022?

The world has faced travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and maybe you are also planning for Hajj and Umrah in 2022. Have intention of Umrah or Hajj? Then you must understand the right timing of such pilgrimages. It is best to consider the best time of Umrah before planning for hotels, flights, accommodation, and packages.

Yes, it is great to make most of your holy journey memorable. It is a lifetime opportunity, so you cannot go on this journey without proper planning. Thus, the pilgrims ensure to have the best experience of pilgrimage. For this, they must keep the right timing and months to go for Umrah.

Of course, Hajj is an annual pilgrimage and Muslims could perform on specific dates. Umrah could be performed throughout the year. Thus, it is great to make research and decide the best time to go for Umrah.

Hajj and Umrah during the time of COVID-19 is the most hectic situation. To tackle this situation, Saudi Government has taken few steps to make all pilgrims safe and secure of COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 During Hajj & Umrah

What are the best months to perform Umrah?

The Muslims of the UK can go anytime for performing Umrah. However, here we mention some months that are ideal for completing a blessed journey.


It is true to say Umrah in Ramadan brings huge rewards. This is why many UK residents love to perform Umrah at this time. If you are striving for extra rewards and blessings, then book Ramadan Umrah deals.

Yes, Ramadan is a truly blessed time for Muslims. If you want to get acceptance and value of Umrah, then plan your journey perfectly. The value of Umrah in Ramadan is pre-eminent. In Ramadan, there is a great hustle-bustle in Makkah. All hotels and airlines are booked for this month. Therefore, UK residents can seek the help of professional agents to avail preferable flights and hotel services.

Special holidays:

Hajj and Umrah can be undertaken during school or offices holidays. Maybe you find some discounted deals and packages. So, all the things make your journey comfortable and memorable for a long time.

Best seasons to perform Umrah and Hajj

It is depended on Muslims to pick the right time for Hajj and Umrah. There are abundant Umrah packages are available for UK residents. We already discuss Umrah holds the greatest significance in Ramadan. But it is a busy time in Haram. Some Muslims prefer to go on Umrah after the Hajj season which is grand months. Maybe UK residents find special deals in these seasons.


Makkah is a busy place and it is buzzing with pilgrims at all times. This city never sleeps. Saudi Arabia is known due to the high temperatures. Therefore, people of the UK find spring is the best time to perform Umrah and Hajj whereas spring would be pleasant and cool for the UK residents. So, it is great to choose months between February to May that is mild and perfect to perform Umrah and Hajj rituals.


From June to July, the temperature of Saudi Arabia is extremely hot. But these months are ideal due to the fewer crowds. And many agencies offer low-price Hajj deals. If you are avoiding the crowd and want to get low traffic in Makkah, then months of summer are ideal for finding cheap packages. In this year, Hajj is also expected in summer, July. So, you can set your Hajj journey in this year by picking the right packages.


The autumn could be less humid and pilgrims may find it less crowded in Makkah. So, Muslims can also get convenient travel at this time.


In the UK, people usually set their Umrah journey during Christmas and find solace in executing Umrah during winter. Winter is the best season for UK residents and a relatively less crowded time. Lastly, winter is a comfortable time to organize tour activities with family and kids.

Best time to perform Umrah and Hajj for UK residents

What factors to keep in mind for Umrah/Hajj services?

Hajj and Umrah are truly sacred events for Muslims’ life. These are true hope and desire for the Muslims. But it is great to understand the value of easy traveling.

Make sure to get the best accommodation

Want to have a travel Umrah/Hajj experience. So, make sure to grab the best accommodation and make proper research. Thus, it is important to research hotel prices for Hajj/Umrah holidays. If you grab the best Hajj/Umrah packages, you may get perfect deals before setting to Makkah.

Flights prices

The other consideration is to check the prices of flights and find a cheap flight to Makkah at any travel company’s website. Ensure to make proper research and get valuable services of airlines. Sometimes, airlines offer cheap flights that benefit you in many ways. However, the most authentic way is to book Hajj/Umrah packages with a famous company.

What essential factors to perform Umrah/Hajj in 2022?

The Saudi ministry has confirmed that foreign pilgrims could take a part in Hajj/Umrah in 2022. But they need to take 2 doses of vaccination and must obtain a vaccination certificate. It is essential to stop COVID-19 in Makkah. The ministry decides to follow every rule strictly and Muslims only got Hajj deals after showing vaccination certificates.

However, fully vaccinated people are not restricted to quarantine themselves. The Muslims of the UK also need to show PCR tests that should be taken 72hrs before arrival in KSA.

Use of Mobile Apps to Perform Hajj or Umrah

Lastly, pilgrims must reserve a spot through Tawakkalna and Eatmarna apps and get permission of entering Haram. The UK residents need to find the best Umrah deals in this season and get the help of professional agents. They provide something new and affordable according to your budget.

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