What Customers Look for in Extension Stylists

What Customers Look for in Extension Stylists

ColdHair’s hair extension training will give you all the tools and knowledge to duplicate these looks/styles.

Your clients have a great sense of style, and are often looking for a new, cutting-edge product that will put them ahead of the crowd. You want to provide them with a new extension system that offers natural hair ready to be styled in the latest trends. ColdHair Academy’s hair extension training will give you the skills needed to create these trends.

The advanced hair extension training by ColdHair Academy offers everything you need to learn this new system. The course provides complete instructions, materials and a final certification, all of which could be found online!

Clients are more knowledgeable about our industry and are looking for more than just a recommendation. They will be impressed by the professionalism, skill and overwhelmed when they see the thick luxurious finish the ColdHair system can achieve. Your first impression is what will give your client the reassurance to book their service with you. ColdHair Academy’s course will give you the confidence, professionalism and impress them with your education in ColdHair.

During your consultation your client can see how professional and knowledgeable you are, and seeing the ColdHair packaging and how soft the hair is will make them more excited. Your consultation is where your client will either pre-book their service or not. ColdHair’s advanced hair extension training will prepare you for this by anticipating any questions and making sure you’re fully informed. Something to emphasize is the new, unique training style you have taken to give you skills and knowledge to be their ideal stylist.

What all clients look for in an extension artist and a hairstylist is that they are putting their clients needs first, they listen and understand what their hair goals are and most importantly they deliver the results.

We all want to give our clients the style they want and the quality they deserve. With hair extension training courses from ColdHair Academy, you can deliver this with innovative new techniques and high-quality online training.