Seniors and Vision Loss

Seniors and Vision Loss

Vision loss is a prevalent occurrence among seniors which often involves some difficult challenges and adjustments.

While complete loss of vision is not a natural or typical aspect of aging, changes in vision and different forms of visual impairment are a common part of the aging process.

There are a variety of lifestyle adjustments needed to address them. Recognizing and confronting these issues is the first step towards implementing tools for support assistance as seniors continue to live active and enriching lives despite changes in vision.

Modifying the Environment

Seniors living at home can make purposeful changes to their home environment, as well as to the features within it, to make living with vision loss safer and more manageable.

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  • Minimizing clutter and having designated areas to store items after every use can help seniors find what they are looking for when things get tougher to see. Keeping remotes, keys, wallets, purses, and other frequently accessed items in the same place all the time will help eliminate difficulty finding them.
  • Using contrasting colours around the house to distinguish similar items from one another can help seniors navigate their environments.
  • Find ways to enlarge the sizes of pertinent text or numbers so that seniors can navigate appliances and other household items. Find remotes with larger buttons, clocks with larger numbers, ensure medication labels have large text, and that appliances have large buttons or tactile indicators.
  • Ensuring that all rooms in the house are properly lit and that there are night-lights for overnight can help seniors guide themselves through the house comfortably and safely.
  • Arrange furniture in an appropriate way and remove any trip hazards that may lead to falls and injury.
  • Set seniors up with entertainment that is easy to access despite visual impairment. Choose large print or braille books, make TVs and DVD players easy to use by ensuring they have largely labelled buttons, try audio books, set computer screens to large-sized fonts, get large-print playing cards, and make magnifying devices available.
Promyse Home Care, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Other Strategies

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