Podcasts for Seniors

Podcasts for Seniors

Podcasts are a great way for seniors to engage with the world around them, to hear new perspectives and listen to unheard voices.

Today’s seniors are more tech savvy then ever and discovering that with phones, computers, and laptops, the world is literally at their fingertips.

Over 50% of adults over the age of 65 say that technology has had a mostly positive impact on society. As families become more geographically distant, technology plays an important role in keeping families and friends connected. While nothing can take the place of in-person quality time, technology gives families the chance to stay connected even from afar.

Podcasts can take seniors to a place they’ve never been on demand.

Another way technology is having a positive impact on the lives of seniors is through podcasts. Whatever you are looking for, educational or inspirational, inspiring, or calming, there is a podcast that meets your needs.

Podcasts are digital audio files that users can listen to on demand. Seniors can download an app on their smartphone or computer to listen to podcasts on a range of topics. Podcasts can help seniors get inspired to start a new chapter in their lives and are a great way to educate and help seniors stay current on world news.

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Great for personal and professional growth, podcasts can encourage seniors to achieve goals in retirement, and even provide a new way to look at an old problem.

Here are some podcasts to check out.


This podcast is a great place for seniors to begin their venture with podcasts. Lux Radio Theatre was a radio show from 1934 to 1955 and featured adaptations of Broadway plays. Voiced by iconic stars like Judy Garland and John Wayne, Lux Radio Theatre will be a throwback to a simpler time.


Every weekday, Ted Talks puts their latest talks in a podcast format so that subscribers can listen on the go. Seniors can hear ideas on nearly every subject imaginable – from AI to zoology, Ted Talks brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to create an inspiring space in podcasts.


Guided Meditations, created and hosted by psychotherapist Tara Brach, walks the listener through calm discussions of body and mind. The brief episodes, lasting between 9 and 25 minutes can help the listener deal with life’s stresses or destress after a long day.

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The top-rated podcast for seniors is Freakonomics Radio which bears the name of the book on which it is based. The podcast can help seniors understand basic economic principles and how it fits into nearly every aspect of their life – from pop culture to retirement.


The title really describes this podcast well. Stuff You Missed in History Class covers a range of topics including obscure royalty, psychiatric abnormalities, and even the beginning of the Hawaiian pineapple trade.


99% Invisible is a weekly podcast that revolves around design. Educational and only 4 and a half minutes long, it teaches you something interesting every week.


This is a great podcast for all trivia buffs! An interactive quiz show, Good Job, Brain showcases random and strange trivia facts on a wide range of topics. This is a great activity to do with family and friends and a great way to exercise your brain.

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Be Mindful of Time

We do want to keep our loved ones healthy and happy, so as good as podcasts can be, their time using technology should be leisurely and occasional so seniors get out in the fresh air and enjoy all activities of living a full life.

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