How to Plan a Fun and Safe Summer Adventure with Grandparents

How to Plan a Fun and Safe Summer Adventure with Grandparents

Plan a summer adventure with your aging loved one. Our tips and ideas give you everything you need to know to take grandma out for a fun and safe day.

Plan a field trip for your grandparent!

Imagine picking grandma or grandpa up and filling the day with a summer adventure. Your grandparent will look forward to the day and remember it for years! Here’s everything you need to plan a fun summer field trip with your older loved one.

Create A Plan

Craft a plan of what your summer adventure will look like. When making your plan, take into consideration your grandparent’s mobility and the physical demands of events.

The Plan Should Include:

  • What time you’ll pick your loved one up.
  • The fun activities that will make up your day.
  • Plan for rest breaks in between activities. How often you rest will depend upon the type of activity as well as your loved one’s health condition. Some individuals will need more frequent and longer rest breaks than others.
  • Plan on meals, snacks, and water throughout the day
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Make sure to choose activities that you think your grandparent will enjoy and ones they are physically able to do. Keep it simple and choose public spaces that aren’t too crowded or loud. If you can choose a place that is familiar to them and has fond memories, that can be a big plus.

Go Fishing

If the weather is warm and mild, go to the lake or your favorite fishing hole and see if the two ofe you can catch some fish. If they are in a wheelchair, make sure the dock is wheelchair accessible. You can spend the day chatting while soaking up some Vitamin D.

Get Artsy

Try an art class at your local craft store. Stores like Michael’s and Joann often have beginning painting, sewing, and scrapbooking classes. You can also try a flower arranging class or a pottery class. They’ll get to flex their creative muscles and take something home as a souvenir of your special day together.

Have a Picnic

Take a walk around a park and then have a picnic after. Make sure to pack a cane or walking stick to help with balance. Pack a picnic lunch of their favorite foods, a blanket, and enjoy some leisurely time together outdoors. You can even bring a kite and take turns flying it!

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Work in the Garden

Taking care of something can give your loved one a sense of responsibility and pride. You can take them to your local nursery and let them pick out some favourite plants you can plant together. Even some fresh herbs on a windowsill can be planted with limited dexterity. Make sure you have ergonomic tools in case they experience any pain. Once your garden harvests, you can share the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour with them!

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