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Kalyan Online Matka App: Online matka app is very much demanding as satta matka is now played online by hundreds of players who love gambling games.


Kalyan Online Matka App: Online matka app is very much demanding as satta matka is now played online by hundreds of players who love gambling games. Kalyan matka is the oldest game among all types of satta matka and it is so popular that people constantly look for Kalyan online matka app to play online.


No matter whether it is specifically a Kalyan online matka app or you need an app with different games, we are eligible to frame any kind of online matka app for you. It is always said that the more options you give to your users the more they will like it. But even this worked, there are many apps available that people never trust to use again and the main reason is proper optimization.


We can say that we are the best online Matka app development in Kolkata as our app is super easy to use and well planned. Before we build an app for you, we always care to know what are the things you are looking for in your app, and once we are done with the details our team starts to plan the work progress. Not only Kalyan online Matka app but also you can build an app with us that has multiple markets, Starline, and disawar games.

History of Kalyan Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a type of lottery gambling game where people place bets on numbers guessed by then and win a sum of money. It was first introduced by Mr. Ratan Khatri who is considered the founder of satta matka. After Ratan Khatri, the Matka game is passed into some other person’s hands like Kalyanji Bhagat who was a farmer from Gujrat. Kalyan Online matka app which is a very popular game now was introduced by him. After that several people named Suresh Bhagat, Pappu Sanwala, etc. started the game in a new way.

Modern Satta Matka was started in 1962 and over time the game expand its popularity and people started to play matka with new names based on regions such as Milan day, Milan night, Rajdhani day, Rajdhani night, Delhi matka, Kurla matka, Time Bazar, etc. There are a total of 220 Patti, 10 figures, and 100 Jodi used in the Satta Matka to play the game.

Tips to play on Kalyan Online Matka App

Satta matka is very much popular among people who come from low-income backgrounds or are less educated. People from this type of group engage themself in satta gaming as the game is purely guessing based and no extra skills are needed to play the game. But everything is unhealthy if you don’t follow the minimum rules. Sometimes people play the Kalyan Online matka app in an aggressive way by taking bets with a bigger amount after seeing their best performance. Here We provide some tips that will help you to play the satta matka in a healthy way –

  • Learn to play healthier: Before you want to play satta matka on kalyan online matka app, it is better to learn about the rules and process of playing so that you can be able to avoid any sudden failures.
  • Enjoy betting, rather than waste: Every healthy games consider with small steps. So, Never focus on betting with big amounts even you have the money. As it is luck based game, no one can know who will be the winner so smaller bets will help you to stay debtless even if you loss.
  • Play logically: You need play the game in Kalyan Online Matka App logically. You can take help of the guessing forum and follow the tips and tricks, and check the previous published result to understand the logics needs to apply. Sometimes people starts to play based on luck and superstious views which end up with losing huge amounts of money.
  • Play calculated: Always play with calculated bets as this is the only way to save your hard earn money in the satta matka game or Matka App Development.

Games Available in Kalyan Online Matka App

  • Single Panna: In this game you have to pick 3 different signle digit numbers which need to be different from each other.
  • Double Panna: Double panna means you need to pick up two digits that are repeted altogether.
  • Triple Panna: This is the rare version of the panna in satta matka where you need to pick numbers that are 3 digit and similar to each other.

Why Choose Us?

There are several developers available in the market who can build a Kalyan online matka app for you. But everyone needs an app that is perfect, user-friendly, build with the latest technologies, bug-free, and easy to navigate. Gowebs has an experienced developer who can give you the same app as said. With the knowledge of developing gaming apps in the satta matka industry, we developed 3 types of satta matka software that will truly help every gamer. Some of the features you can get in your Kalyan Online Matka App are –


1.Live game: Our developed app will assures you that you are participating and competing with other in the live game. You can play the game and get updated and live results everyday within our app.

2. Customize Layout: Our app is totally customized so there is no tension of getting any kind of copyright penalty. Plus you can handle and update content anytime with our dedicated admin panel.

3. Anywhere: Our Kalyan Online matka app comes with a landing page version so you can play from anywhere from your web and devices.

4. Secure: Our app is developed with the care of people’s security. Anyone can play and invest in betting without any worry as the platform is totally secure and well maintained.

We have 3 developed apps for all kinds of customers. Our Gomatka is the basic online matka app that has multiple markets and admin panels with a landing page. Gomatkapro is the standard version where users can play market and Starline games. Lastly, our Gomatkaproplus is the premium version app that comes with market Starline and disawar games. You can reach to us anytime for any kind of Enquiry at –

Address: 12/14 Dharmatala road,Belur station road, Belur, West Bengal 711202

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E-mail: info@gowebs.in

Phone: +91 8585814444

Website: https://www.gowebs.in


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