Keep Your Meal Fresh, Crispy, And Sog-Free With SAVRpak

Keep Your Meal Fresh, Crispy, And Sog-Free With SAVRpak

Greg Maselli is the Co-CEO at SAVRpak developed patches that keep meals crisp, fresh and sog-free.

Takeout and food delivery offerings are probably getting a refresh all way to a brand new peel-and-stick patch that removes moisture from containers.

Greg Maselli is the Co-CEO at SAVRpak who has invented the best peel and stick patch that helps in eliminating the moisture from the containers. These patches are made to keep your food crisp, fresh and sog-free.

"SAVRpak becomes advanced to keep the quality of food, whether it's from a restaurant, in the grocery aisle, or your fridge," he added. "Our patented patch maintains food tasting as crispy or crunchy as it would in a restaurant. When used in packaged produce – which includes spinach or blueberries – it may increase shelf existence by as much as 50%."

According to Greg Maselli, the SAVRpak patches may be utilized in clamshell takeout containers, packing containers, and bagged foods.

SAVRpak patches were diagnosed at a couple of tradeshows.

In 2018, SAVRpak (formerly called Soggy Food Sucks LLC) turned into showcased at Smart Kitchen Summit. A year later, the organization was a finalist at the World Food Innovation Awards and the Venture Madness Conference.

Exact details on the startup’s next moves couldn’t be revealed, but the organization is hopeful that it could made an effect on the multibillion-dollar food industry.

Greg Maselli told Fox News, "We're presently in talks with several essential food distributors, country-wide eating place chains, and grocery shops to assist store the nation of takeout and transport and, hopefully, positioned a stop to the developing problem of meals waste."