Understanding Gravestone Ideas for Pets

Understanding Gravestone Ideas for Pets

Losing your pet is like losing your beloved family member. To show your love to them, understand what you need to know about the pet gravestones.

Pets are an important part of the family. While many people think their memorial services to be a part of modern times, people have been following this ritual since ancient times. Pets are dear to you if you had been loving them and taking care of them. Therefore, proper burying and gravestone become a must as a sign of their memory.

Memorial and Gravestone Company makes sure to give you the appropriate suggestions for your pet funeral services. Nothing can replace the loss of your loved pets. However, a little gesture of love through a gravestone can help you show your love.

If you had been feeling confused about the memorial services of your pets, it is time to read this article. We will guide you on what you can do to mark a resting place for your cute companion.

The Most Common Materials for Grave Markers


Stone is the most common type of material used for engraving headstones and grave markers. It is because they can be engraved to create a portrait of your pet. The most common types of stones that are used as headstones are:

● Charcoal

● Granite

● Quartz

● Slate

● Bluestone

● River rock

● Concrete

● Marble

● Flagstone

Prices of these headstones can vary. It depends on how you want to engrave and write your pet’s name or other information. It usually varies from $25 to $200 depending on the thickness and material quality.

Metal Headstones

Metal is another material for the pet headstones. They are ideal for your pet burial in your garden or backyard. Metal markers are less expensive than stone ones. A good metal headstone can cost $60. However, depending on your needs and customizations, the price can vary from $100-$400.

Memorial Ornament Is an Option Too

If you don’t want to spend too much money on your pet memorial services and headstones, you can use their accessories. This is a great way to memorize their worth by decorating their grave with their accessories.

You can also paste a photo of your pets on the simple headstones. If you are short on budget but want to remember them, pasting an image is a budget-friendly choice.

Different Styles of Pet Grave Markers

While walking through the pet cemetery, we have seen mostly two types of pet grave markers. One is upright, and the other one is flat.

Upright Pet Grave Markers

Upright pet grave markers are the ones that stand upright on the stone. They don’t lie on the ground. Upright markers are more appealing, but they are more expensive than flat markers. It is because they require more material for withstanding the winds. Upright grave markers range from $200-$300.

Flat Grave Markers

Flat pet grave markers are the ones that lie on the ground. They also contain a picture, engraving, and the name of your pet. Despite their small size, they can accommodate what you need on them. Flat grave markers are usually less expensive than upright markers. You can find a good and affordable flat marker in the range between $150-$180.

What Can You Engrave On Your Headstone?

What you can add to your pet grave marker is only limited to your imagination. You can engrave whatever you want to show your love and compassion for your pet. It can be either their name, picture, the ‘meows’ and ‘woofs,’ or specific dates.

You can choose to add texts such as names, dates, or any other sentiment that you would like. Also, in graphics, you can add paw prints, their photo with full-color ceramic, a silhouette of your pet, or more.

There Are Shapes for Other Animals Too

Most people own cats or dogs as pets. However, not everyone owns cats or dogs only. There are options for headstones and grave markers for other animals too. You can design your pet grave markers if you own a lizard, hamster, horse, ferrets, pigs, or more.

Most memorial companies will offer you different options to choose your design from. You can also have custom grave markers if you want by asking them for suggestions.

Considering your pet’s headstones for making a memory is a thoughtful procedure. However, it can be smoothened by thinking about different ideas and getting in touch with a cooperative memorial company.