10 Websites to Download Vector Graphics and Icons for Free

10 Websites to Download Vector Graphics and Icons for Free

The graphics and icons of brands form the building blocks of their image. They add character to a business and help communicate important information visually.

Viewers process images with greater ease than texts. Thus, brands aim at optimizing the use of images, graphics, and icons on their websites. For this exact purpose, vector graphics and icons are integrated into the branding of businesses.

In school, you may have learned that images are made up of tiny elements called pixels. But with that, we are referring to raster graphics in particular. These graphics are what form the selfie that you capture with your phones. Vector graphics, on the other hand, are made up of an amalgamation of points, lines, shapes, and curves that form a mathematical equation for the computer to consider as instructions to produce the final image. They do not compose pixels and are hence not resolution-dependent. Implying that vector art can scale beyond 1000 percent, without blurring or washing out the colors in the image. Mega car brands such as Jaguar, BMW, Volkswagen, etc. adopt these vector graphics to build their car logos.

10 Websites to Download Vector Graphics and Icons for Free

Designing vector graphics and icons require expertise, time, and energy. This article covers a list of ten websites that offer free vector graphics and icons that you can download to up your brand image.


BrandEPS is an outstanding vector graphics and logos resource. It encompasses a collection of over 10,000 brand vector logos and more than 3,000 vector icons. This is particularly great if you are a blog operator, student, employee, etc., and have to incorporate popular brand logos such as Adidas, Nike, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to your websites, assignments, or presentations respectively. All you need to do is search the desired logo using the search bar and choose the one that you like. Then you can download the logo in the format of your choice (EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.) free of cost. The search process is easily done and if you're indecisive about your choices, you can choose from the latest arrivals. BrandEPS is the go-to choice of companies that wish to find vector graphics and logos for advertising.

In addition to vector brand logos, the website also offers a wide collection of vector icons in the following categories:

  • Buildings
  • Business and Finance
  • Clothes
  • Communication
  • Computer and Device
  • Design
  • Electronics
  • Emotions
  • Flags and Landmarks
  • Food and Drink
  • Home and Office
  • Mixed
  • Music and Film
  • People
  • Signs and Symbols
  • Sports
  • Tools and Appliances
  • Transport
  • Weather and Nature
  • Web and Networking

If you have a roughly designed logo/image that you wish to work along the lines of and find similar-looking images try adopting reverse picture search. By simply uploading your sample image/logo, you can find similar-looking images that offer a variety of options to choose from.

Noun Project

The Noun Project is another website that organizes a diverse and extensive collection of minimalist black-and-white icons that can come in handy when working on innovative projects and assignments. If you are bored and tired of hunting for tiny icons and logos to finish your assignments, this is the perfect website for just that.

To access this plethora of resources, all you have to do is create a free account on The Noun Project and download as many icons as you want. For instance, if you search up “COVID” on The Noun Project search bar, you are presented with over 4,000 icons that are absolutely free and yet high-quality. Confused about what word to use to find the best results for your choice of graphics? Use free keyword research tools.


Freepik is a quality search engine that helps its users find great quality images, vector artwork, illustrations as well as PSD files for any and every creative project. While some vector graphics and icons are free, others are premium and can only be accessed upon the purchase of a premium subscription of Freepik.

Similar to The Noun Project, to access the free resources, you can sign up on the website. If you want to smooth out your scouring process, you may consider becoming a premium member.


Stockio checks all the boxes when it comes to meeting the needs of its users. Stockio is a website where one can download free Vector graphics. From photos, fonts, and icons to videos and lots more. They continue to expand their portfolio of resources to help meet the necessities of their large audience. At Stockio, your favorite files and downloaded items are kept track of, enabling you to build your custom resource portfolio. This helps you sort out materials and save vectors for future use.

Stockio delivers high-resolution photos and is currently giving away a great deal of 15% off on their premium paid stock images.

Public Domain Vectors

Public Domain Vectors is one of the best websites to find vector images free of copyright. The website offers vector artwork for categories like Animals, Background, Flag, Nature, Object, Transportation, and many more in formats like SVG, EPS, AI, and CDR.

Public Domain Vectors mainly offers two tools: SVG editor and SVG generator. SVG editor lets you customize the existing SVG vector graphics or icons while using the SVG generator lets you make a vector from scratch by yourself. And you can do all this for both personal and professional uses without asking for permission.


Vecteezy allows for their users to scout and access vectors, clipart graphics, icons, banners, stock photos and videos, patterns, backgrounds, and royalty-free designs. Vecteezy is a popular choice to add substance to work assignments.

These vectors are made by artists from around the globe and provide a huge database of choices to pick just the right image or logo for your project. An additional bonus that Vecteezy offers is that it lets you become a contributor to sell your photos, graphics, or logos.


Are you looking for vector categories like animals or beautiful backgrounds? Then head over to 123FreeVectors. Here, you’ll find a great selection of vector artworks at your fingertips. In addition to free vector art, you can also find illustrations, clip art, and wallpapers.


Vexels is a user-friendly tool that makes it simple for its customers to edit and customize vector files in ways that work best for their projects. The best part about Vexels is that most vector graphics and icons on it are free for personal use. Vexels also offers a great selection of editable vectors.


LogoTypes101 provides a vast catalog of logos and icons specifically for companies ranging from large-scale corporations in the world to small businesses. And yet again, the vectors are free to download. This website provides you with numerous logos and you'll find every logo you'll ever need on it.


Creazilla is yet another infographics website that offers over 1,000,000 AI vectors. On top of AI vectors, Creazilla also supports EPS and SVG formats. It offers a selection of vector graphics completely free of copyright. Creazilla has a special smart search feature that enables you to access vectors with great ease. All you need to do is type accurate phrases and find the necessary vectors. Creazilla gives you access to more than 20 pre-existing sections – cars, animals, architecture, sport, vegetables, flowers, hearts, etc.

Not only are vector graphics and icons scalable, but they are also extremely easy to work with and barely take up any space when stored on your devices. The particular reason for this is that they are made up of mathematical equations instead of pixels, and since the device traces the vector file only when it is opened, the file size remains negligible. More often than not, companies adopt vector graphics for their marketing and brand collateral. Vector graphics also help to enhance phone apps, infographics, websites, and also digital presentations. These are only a few of the many uses of vector graphics.

Vector graphics go way beyond typical artworks like drawings made of mathematical shapes filled with various types of colors. Scalable vector graphics and icons let companies direct the wheel of visual imagery onto multiple interesting and new roads. With vector graphics, expressing a brand’s style, purpose, and perception becomes uncomplicated.

Provides Naturalistic Images

Even though vector graphics encompass an amalgamation of lines, points, shapes, and colors, the resulting image does not have to be simplistic or unnatural. These graphics turn out so realistic that it may be troublesome identifying between the real and copied image. Adobe illustrator is an app that one can use to create real-looking designs that are 3D in nature.

Create a Wonderland

Contrary to realistic images is imaginative artwork. Vector graphics can also be used to create a whimsical world straight out of your creative imagination. Vectors can be used to create storybooks with cartoon characters, beautiful sceneries, etc.

Pick a Retro Vibe

Vector graphics and icons are designed by contemporary illustrators to fulfill the demands and requirements of different people. One person may decide to go with a modern theme whereas the other may pick a more vintage one. Vector graphics help you establish themes for your projects.

For instance, if you choose images with bright colors when designing your webpage. Your webpage will likely give off an 80s vibe. Whereas, if you pick out shapes and patterns that overlap your website will tilt towards a more 90s feel.

Point out Routes and Destinations on Maps

Wish to deliver geographical information to your target audience? Choose free vector 3D maps. These maps are very well detailed and intricately constructed. To highlight spots on these maps, pick out icons like arrows, circles, underlines, etc.

Build your Company Logo

From the list of ten websites offering free vector infographics, quite a few of them have the option of customization. To be able to edit the existing vector graphics and icons as per your wishes and desires can be useful to construct the logo of your brand.

You can do so simply by picking out different vector graphics that follow a similar theme or color pallet to your website. Then you can easily edit and combine them into a design that is unique to your company.

Web and App Development

Another use of vector graphics comes in the development of applications and web pages. This is because apps and websites work on different screen types and devices, from mobile phones to desktops. An example of this is, Amazon WorkLink. Amazon WorkLink is a mobile app that enables corporate employees to represent data on their mobile devices with great ease.

Vector graphics also play a vital role in the following domains:

  • Website interfaces
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Animations
  • Promotion of events
  • Infographics
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Illustrations
  • Fonts
  • Merchandise and products

Limitations of Opting for Free Vector Graphics and Icons

While opting out of websites that offer free access to vector graphics and icons may sound enticing, you may need to keep a check of a few things before making a choice.

Firstly, these websites may or may not offer legal protection to their users in case they download and use images that are under copyright or trademark. This can be a challenge and hence it is important to make a note to see if your free vector art is copyrighted or not.

Next, these websites may offer poorly constructed vector graphics that may not be easy to edit, if you plan to do so. However, other websites also offer well-constructed vectors which may be customized with ease.


We hope that this article turned out to be your ultimate guide to websites offering free vector graphics and icons. At the beginning of the article, we defined and understood vector graphics in-depth and later distinguished them with raster graphics. Further on, we made a list of our ten best websites that offer vector graphics and icons completely free of cost. We then talked about the endless uses of vector graphics. Finally, we summed the article up by pointing out a few limitations of free vector graphics, those that one needs to stay wary of.