Ugandan Shea Butter

Ugandan Shea Butter

Shea, a fruit tree grown in abundance in the northern regions of Uganda. The nuts are cold pressed & extracted to obtain Shea Butter, which is high in demand.

Ugandan Shea Nuts

Our Shea butter comes from Vitellaria Nilotica tree. Shea nuts, locally known as Moo yao, in local language called "Langi" in Northern regions of Uganda, are grown in parklands. The export of shea nuts to other countries contributes greatly to the local economies, however, the use of shea butter is not exploited in Uganda.

The Eastern Shea Butter is high in demand in the International market as  Ugandan Shea Butter has a good fatty acid profile & is rich in olein content, which gives it excellent moisturising properties.

Ugandan Shea Butter

Mature Shea Tree

Cultivation & Grading of Shea

The Shea Tree grows in parklands, mostly naturally & the traditional planting system has not been established to grow shea fruits. Usually, the culture followed is if the tree grows in your property, then the nuts are yours but if the tree belongs to communal property, then the nuts belong to the first women next to the tree.

The local women check the kernels based on the kernel's rattle. The nuts are graded & purchased by the vendors. The grade A shea nuts are processed for butter & reserved for the export market.

The grade A nuts are cold pressed to retain natural vitamins & skin protecting agents.
Ugandan Shea Butter

Shea Nuts

The lower grades shea nuts & butter are used by the local women of Africa as cooking oil, topical application for their babies & to make soaps at home.

Shea Butter as a moisturiser & skins protecting cream is gaining huge importance worldwide. The production of Grade A shea butter in Uganda is the main source of income to the localities. However, the trees are not planted traditionally & government should take measures to engage its people in the harvest of shea nuts & commercial production of shea butter.

Ugandan Shea Butter

Moyaa Shea Grade A Butter

Uniqueness of Premium Ugandan Shea Butter

  1. Excellent Moisturiser
  2. Has many therpautic applications-Insect Bites, frost bites, sun burns, rashes, allergies!
  3. Removes Stretch Marks
  4. Keeps the delicate skin of the baby soft & smooth
  5. Extremely helpful to those having excessive dry skin.

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Ugandan Shea Butter

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