Dry Skin & Shea Butter...

Dry Skin & Shea Butter...

Dry skin is one of the most common issues faced by people around the world. Using the right moisturizer is the key to the solution. Hint: Shea Butter.

Moyaa Shea Butter

Our Shea Butter is extracted from the Nilotica variety of Shea Nuts, which is regarded as the premium quality Shea Butter in the International Market. This quality of Grade A Shea Butter has a good profile of fatty acids, which makes the skin moist, eliminating the dryness in all forms.

Dry Skin & Shea Butter...

Premium Ugandan Shea Butter

Skin Dryness


The skin gets dried when there is a lack of water in the upper layer of the skin, known as Epidermis. In some cases, the dryness gives scaly & patchy looks to the skin. The problem gets severe in the harsh winters, sometimes causing itchiness which just doesn't stop!

Dry Skin & Shea Butter...

Patchy Dry Skin

If you have dry elbows & feet, regular application of Shea butter can bring back the moisture to them!

treating dryness of the skin

The market has plenty of moisturizers to offer designed only for dry skin. But the best one is the Ugandan Premium Quality Shea Butter which brings back moisture to the skin naturally.

Profile of shea butter

There are many grades of Shea Butter in the market, however, the Grade A variety is considered as the Premium Quality Butter, because of its excellent moisturizing properties & anti-therapeutic applications.

The African Shea Nuts are cold pressed or water extracted to obtain Shea Butter, which retains a lot of vitamins & antioxidants. Along with this, it also has non-saponifiable matter, which makes Shea butter an excellent moisturizer.

Dry Skin & Shea Butter...

Grade A Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a great because of the good fatty acid content & Olein content.

(a) Good Fatty Acid Profile: Shea Butter contains high levels of Stearic acid & Oleic acid, which give the Shea butter it's moisturizing properties.

(b) Olein Content:The Olein content of the Shea Butter is higher than other creams & lotions, which takes away the dryness of the skin, & allowing the shea butter to get absorbed easily into the skin.

Although, there are a lot of other grades of Shea butter available in the market, the lower grades of Shea butter looses most of the the good properties of moisturizing and healing as they have been chemically extracted.

Try our soft & premium quality Shea Butter & let us know your reviews.

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Proudly Brought To You By Moyaasheabutter.com

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Dry Skin & Shea Butter...

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