What if...?

What if...?

Just imagine if this is the way it is. How beautiful is that?

For about a year or so, I have been saying to my friends that there seems to be a shift in consciousness happening in the world today.  More people seem to open to spiritualism than ever before.  Or at least more people seem to be open to talking about it.

And when I say spirituality, I don't mean religion.  Not specifically.  I am speaking more of an awakening from within.  More people are open to meditation, clean eating, holistic medicine and so on.

I have done a little looking in to the difference between Spirituality vs Religion and the comparison that Mindvalley put together resonates with me the best.  You can see that comparison here.

I myself meditate on a fairly regular basis.  Not long ago I wrote an article on the Benefits on Meditation.  Soon I will write an article on my experiences since I have started meditating.

The reason I mention it is that until the end of 2016 and early 2017, the idea of meditation was ridiculous.  I would rather have a nap.  lol  I used to be a chef, so eating habits were not a big concern of mine.  I am definitely taking more care now.  And I was an Atheist.  I have a relationship with God and the Universe now that I never experienced before.  And again, with me, it is about spirituality, not religion.  And there are a few of my friends that have been experiencing similar AND different shifts as well.  We are all more open to possibilities and I think that is a big step to starting this shift in consciousness.

On a final note, the whole reason I wrote this article is because of this beautiful short video that a friend of mine shared with me.  This video is about MORE than a simple shift in consciousness or a spiritual awakening.

Here is the video below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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