Detox for better Health

Detox for better Health

Recently the Energy Academy purchased a Rife Generator. It is a piece of technology that uses frequencies to bring the body back into balance and harmony.

Detox for better Health

The cool thing is that it can do this in 'contact' mode (using hand cylinders or tens pads) or 'remote' mode.

What is neat about remote mode is, with a sample of DNA I can send frequencies from my generator (in my office) to you anywhere in the world using the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement.

Now the software for the generator comes with 56,000 different programs that can be applied. Everything from improving eyesight to killing pathogens to healing scars and SO much more.

One of the preset program protocols that is in the software is the Terrain Protocol. This is a ‘full system’ detox program for the body that runs for 11 days straight and it is recommended that this be run FIRST as it prepares the ‘Terrain’ of the body for further sessions.

Usually when you do a conventional detox program it is 3 to 5 days and focuses on a particular system in the body. By that I mean you can do a colon cleanse, a kidney cleanse, a liver cleanse etc.

The Terrain Protocol

The Terrain protocol does those plus so MANY more. Below is a schedule of the protocol:

Day      Program

1.         Remove Metals

2.        Remove Metals

3.        Remove Chemical Materials

4.        Remove Systemic Toxins 1

5.        Remove Systemic Toxins 2

6.1      Remove Intestinal Toxins

6.2      Remove Systemic Toxins 3

7.        Parasites and Liver Function

8.        Kidney Function 1

9.1      Kidney Function 2

9.2      Cleanse Blood

10.1    Kidney and Liver Toxins

10.2    Intestinal Parasites

11.1    Lymphatic System 1

11.2    Lymphatic System 2

As you can see, some programs are doubled up and on some days the day is shared between 2 programs. The main point is that you can see that it is a VERY comprehensive detox for your entire system.

So how does this work?

As mentioned above, The Rife Generator is using Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement to send Detoxifying frequencies to your system that shake loose the toxic debris from their storage locations in your body and vibrate them into minute particles so that they are easily removed by the liver, kidneys, blood and lymph system.

The Advantage

The Advantage of this protocol is that it is run in remote mode using the principles of Quantum Entanglement. That means you don’t have to take any powders and potions or use any lotions at set times for your system to be cleaned. You can go about your day as you normally would. You can eat what you normally would and drink what you normally would. The only recommendation is that you increase your water intake to help flush your system. Pure water or Lemon water is best.

Someone I know recently did a Juice cleanse where all they consumed for 3 days at specific times were juices they purchased from a company online. They tasted pretty good, but I don’t know if they noticed specific benefits from it at the end. And that program worked out to $45 a day. Some programs can cost even more.

How do we know it works?

There are many testimonials in the Facebook group for this particular Rife Machine and I will copy a couple of them into the Testimonial section toward the end of this article.  Some of them mention some reactions that may sound less than desirable.  That is actually a good thing.  The reason is it means that it is releasing the toxins in to the system to be flushed out and when it happens on a large scale it could cause you to feel fatigued, cause headaches, make you feel sluggish etc.  Those reactions are all perfectly normal.  Some people do not react negatively at all.

So the point of this article is...

Periodically I will be running the Terrain Protocol, once or twice a month. I will be running my first session for clients August 8th through August 19th. My regular rate for this service is going to be $40 per day for a total of $440 and that is including HST. For the month of August I am offering this service for an introductory rate of $30 per day for a total of $330 including HST.

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to start improving your health, then this is what you have been searching for. I will be accepting clients right up until August 7th.


I’m doing the terrain and have felt great, energized. Until it got to the kidneys and have felt a bit tired and headachy more water and rest vitamin c and fibre to keep things moving. I wondered if anything was happening but went with it.


We went through step 1-3 in Sept then stopped to wait on more generators. I herxed through most of it. 2 people in their 70s said they did not noticed anything. I wondered if their nail did not have any DNA in it. Another person mostly only noticed when Elimination was running.  Yesterday, I started over. Terrain, step 1.1 am charting this like the previous post. Will report at the end how each step went. So far: immediately nearly as soon as the switch was on I started with a “running off my face” nose and eyes running water. Another was extremely tired within 6 hours (same as previous poster reported). But after 20 hours is feeling great. Have not heard from the other 2. They are skeptical. They are also both sick and have many issues. So we will see.

Peter J. Gosciola ~ The Energy Academy Where your well-being IS our business!


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