Coming Soon to the Energy Academy!

Coming Soon to the Energy Academy!

Starting the week of July 20th, The Energy Academy will begin offering sessions with a Rife Frequency generator.

I am going to be offering sessions with my Rife Frequency generator. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, please read this page here.

In fact it was THAT article that prompted me to buy my generator.

The first treatment that is recommended to be run is called the Terrain protocol. It is an 11 day Detox for your system.  The protocol is as follows:

Day 1. Remove Metals

Day 2. Remove Metals

Day 3. Remove Chemical Materials

Day 4. Remove Systemic Toxins 1

Day 5. Remove Systemic Toxins 2

Day 6.1 Remove Intestinal Toxins

Day 6.2 Remove Systemic Toxins 3

Day 7. Parasites and Liver Function

Day 8. Kidney Function 1

Day 9.1 Kidney Function 2

Day 9.2 Cleanse Blood

Day 10.1 Kidney and Liver Toxins

Day 10.2 Intestinal Parasites

Day 11.1 Lymphatic System 1

Day 11.2 Lymphatic System 2

When going through a detox such as this it is important to increase your water intake (double it if you can) to help flush out all of the toxins.  And it is important to note that some people can feel very sluggish and may even develop headaches etc...  If that happens it is important to pause the treatment for a couple of hours.

It is recommended to start with the Terrain Protocol as it prepares the "terrain" of your body for further treatments you may want or require.

If this is something of interest to you, I recommend that you contact me to learn more about it. I would also suggest that you find up to 9 of your friends that would benefit from a detox and like to do it with you.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.