SoulLife Endorsement from Margaret Wallis-Duffy, RMT

SoulLife Endorsement from Margaret Wallis-Duffy, RMT

What better way to decide on a health product for your wellness regime than to learn from someone who has successful results personally and in their business.

Margaret Wallis-Duffy is an RMT, Founder of an award-winning Integrative Health Clinic for 29 years. Her business is Wallis for Wellness, a one-stop integrative & preventative health clinic that empowers people to live well and play an active role in their health.

Margaret was introduced to SoulLife and their wellness products by the Founder, Jeff Martin.

How have SoulLife products helped Margaret personally?

Margaret says, “My own health journey has been a challenging one. I have had 10 surgeries, 4 bowel obstructions, a fecal transplant and went through menopause at the young age of 39. Since taking Cellenda and ReKick daily, I have seen a huge difference in my digestive health and I have increased energy!”

Margaret shared Cellenda and ReKick with her patients and they have seen some great results! Reduced inflammatory response in the body and improved energy are just two great results that Margaret’s patients have experienced. “Adding SoulLife products to their treatment plans has resulted in better musculoskeletal health and thus better outcomes from their massage therapy treatments.”

SoulLife, Good for the Soul

Has SoulLife benefited your business?

Definitely! Not only does it help my patients get better health outcomes, but it has also provided me as an RMT, with an additional revenue generation stream. I do not endorse anything that I haven’t tried firsthand or witnessed results from. I recognize as an RMT the important role that nutrition plays on musculoskeletal health and it is reassuring to know that these products have been vetted by professionals in the field of agriculture and approved by Health Canada.”

Margaret Wallis-Duffy

My patients love that I help educate them on ways to play an active role in their health. This includes introducing them to new professionals and products that I feel they could benefit from. Massage Therapists need to look at ways to work collaboratively with other professionals in order to help improve the health of their patients.”

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SoulLife, Good for the Soul

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