WHEN THINGS GET HARD - Don't let #difficult get you down.

WHEN THINGS GET HARD - Don't let #difficult get you down.

WHEN THINGS GET HARD - Powerful #Motivational Video

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Watch this Short Motivational Video - When Things Get Hard

Join over 2 and half million people to watch this powerful motivational video by Ben Lionel Scott - When Things Get Hard

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Strong Points From This Video:

  • When life is kicking dirt in your face don't give up then, that's when most people turn back, as long as you're alive there is hope you're still alive you're still here.
  • It's never too late in life and we can always turn things around.
  • You've got to become courageous to stand up within yourself to face it and step forward.
  • You need to be the master of your emotions and not let them effect you with negative emotions.
  • All your problems become gifts once you learn from them.
  • The very thing that discourages you, is the very thing that develops you.
  • You're the captain of your boat, so you decide whether you let things affect you in a negative way or positive way.
  • The only person that can make a change in your life is YOU

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Ben Lionel Scott

Top Quotes From The Video:

"Life can throw you some curves and it's not just the things that you see coming, but sometimes it's the things that you didn't see coming, that hit you out of nowhere that set you back in such a way that it seems like you can't get over."
"There's going to be bad days, there's going to be dark days, but you have got to embrace it, because it's that pain that makes you stronger."
"Pain is the high cost of growth if you want to grow up, you want to be mature there is no way to do it without pain."
work hard no excuses go for what you want be kind

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