#Motivational Video #Life Changing

#Motivational Video #Life Changing

Motivational Video Life Changing - Find Yourself

Motivational Video Life Changing - Find Yourself

Enjoy the video of  "My Story Of Transformation", set in beautiful Mojacar. Take just under 3 minutes out of your day to watch this Motivational Video Life Changing - Find Yourself,  like over 12,000 people have done.

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Strong Points From This Video:

  • there were dark days feelings of loneliness and a deep sadness, I have so much to be grateful for, so much to experience and enjoy but something stood in my way with so many expectations
  • with so many expectations judgments and responsibilities, I realized I had lost who I was and what I wanted, disease was growing in my body
  • I walked alone on a journey of self-discovery
  • Yoga became a practice a practice of finding me
  • Started to embrace the life I desired, no more expectations, no more judgments
  • I face my fears and embrace many challenges, but I never gave up
  • I was ignoring who I was and what I could be capable of, are you?

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Portia - Yoga Mum on the Run

Top Quotes From The Video:

"I realized I had to make a change, now was the time to face up to myself and confront my fears."
"I decided to meet myself a priority, to set time aside for me, my mind absorbed every piece of information I could find, whilst my body found a new love for yoga."
"Everyday I showed up, I realized my potential I could create anything I dreamed."
"I had a new energy moving through my body and energy created from love a passion for living and a desire to share."
"Every memory that haunted me, became a stepping stone to where I am today, this was my journey of transformation."
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